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Yesterday, Governor DeSantis announced a package of proposed legislation captioned, “Permanent Protections Against the COVID-19 Biomedical Security State.”

Most of the existing Florida laws related to individual rights against the various covid mandates were set to expire this year. Back in 2021, nobody — except a few of us conspiracy theorists — believed we would still be dealing with mask mandates two years later. But here we are.

In fact, local mega-hospital chain and University of Florida-affiliate Shands Healthcare just reimposed a network-wide mask mandate, as a “private employer.”

Under the new laws, employers may not discriminate against employees based on their jab status, nor can masks be required outside industrial settings where necessary to protect employees apart from covid. In his announcement, Governor DeSantis called mask mandates “insane and irrational.” That shows you how far we’ve come.

The new package of laws will also provide the strongest speech protections for doctors in America — the opposite of California, which was roundly mocked during the press event. At one point, DeSantis emphasized “they were wrong about lockdowns, mask mandates, school closures, mRNA shots, and passports.”
What else is there?

Amusingly, I don’t think the Governor used the “v” word a single time, preferring instead “shots,” “jabs,” and “injections.” When Surgeon General Joe Ladapo spoke, he stressed that, despite what many public health official have claimed, mRNA is a brand new technology. Giving it to kids “is the land of crazy, and Florida is the land of sanity,” Ladapo said. “We’re going to keep it that way.”

I’m sure you’ll be gratified to hear that Governor DeSantis agrees with us (and the facts), and repeatedly noted that people are MORE likely to get infected WITH the new bivalent booster than without it.'

BDair 8 Jan 18

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