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LINK David Crosby Dead CSN Wasted On The Way - YouTube

Every one of his old band mates have been telling Crosby to go to Hell. I doubt that exists but so it goes.

rainmanjr 8 Jan 19

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Man, they sucked in concert, off key just like this recording. All of their music must have been fixed in studio because they were just awful IRL.

That was not my experience, and I saw them 3X (twice with Young), but everyone has critics.

@rainmanjr Dude, it’s on the tape you have up there. I only saw them once, they were that bad no one could get me to go again. I went to see Indigo Girls a few years later and lowered my expectations of real life harmony because of CSN but IG were just as amazing in real life as on CD.

@Killtheskyfairy How about that.


I can remember when Melissa Ethridge announced that he was the sperm donor for 2 of her kids. She talked about what a great person he was and how she couldn't think of a better person to be the father. I think that is pretty telling.

Nash and Young knew him pretty, pretty, pretty, well also. The trouble that I refer to, in my post, happened a couple years ago (Crosby made a crack about Young's wife) but they were not as close as you'd think.


Been hearing more about the band drama today than I did way back when. The music was what got my attention I guess.


Crosby was one of the most innovative writers to have ever graced the musical landscape. This kind of talent only comes around once in a lifetime. So glad I was here to witness it. Thanks for all the music David. 😣 glad we had him for as long as we did.


Great musician. Along with the rest of CSNY.

Do you know that

is a reply to

@rainmanjr The CSN one is good.

I’m really not a fan of Jackson Browne tho, except for a few songs like “Running on empty”, “Knock on any door” and “In the shape of a heart”.

@CuddyCruiser I think he's a Rock god. Interesting that you like Knock On Any Door. It is a good song but not one people know of.

@rainmanjr Two good songs. Similar messages, sort of.

@Flyingsaucesir Yes. The narrator in Wooden Ships is the Everyman Jackson sings of. Wooden Ships was about after a nuclear war, the survivors reduced to making ancient technologies and needing to leave the irradiated land, with Everyman being more hopeful.

@rainmanjr Huh! Gotta remember to listen to them again, back to back.

Incidentally, there was (is) nothing "easy" about wooden sailing ships. Not for the men who built and maintained them, or those who sailed them.

There are more countries with nukes today than there were when the songs were written. If it comes to nuclear war, there won't be anywhere to hide.

@Flyingsaucesir Does everything require a detailed history? The song is called Wooden Ships and they didn't go into the complexities of making one. Anyway, the last line of Everyman, "So don't think too badly of one who's left holding sand" is the big tell of a connection. I found out when Jackson mentioned it during an interview.

@rainmanjr I just feel it necessary to push back a little at the notion that there was anything easy about the old days, or that there is anywhere to go if this current civilization collapses, whether from climate change or nuclear war. Either way, it's Armageddon.

@Flyingsaucesir Bring it up with Crosby. He cares as much as I do about making them and your point about nuclear war was exactly his point in the song.

@rainmanjr I think it's a little late to bring it up with Crosby 😂

@rainmanjr I find it hard to listen to Wooden Ships because of the topic. I did not know that it was related to a Jackson Browne song ( I really like Doctor My Eyes) I will give it a listen. I am stuck in the 60s and 70s CSNY and Joni Mitchell (who I was surprised to learn wrote Woodstock) are among those on my play list. And yes, I think it is monumentally important to know the history, origins and meaning of the songs I listen to and the people who wrote them and preformed them.

@MyTVC15 Jackson is more optimistic than Crosby so his reply reflects it. Joni did write Woodstock but was not at the concert. She captured it anyway. Kind of like Gonzo style. LOL.

@rainmanjr Woodstock was the first CDNY song I fell in love with. I was just a little too young in '68 to attend. People my age idolized those who attended. We really wished we had been there. However, in retrospect, I'm glad I wasn't.

@MyTVC15 I was nine.

@rainmanjr I was 6

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