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LINK 50 Things Basically Every Single American Believes Are Completely Normal But Are Actually Very, Very, Very Strange

Yep, strange indeed. Even worse in the red neck states I suspect.

My favourite: 32 - sports scholarships at college. Only in America could such a dumb thing exist.

BTW, ignore the privacy blurb and just click 'disagree and exit'.

I hate those damned 'we respect your privacy' pop ups. If you respect my privacy, don't badger me to steal my info! I say.

David1955 8 Jan 19

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Although not applicable to everyone my general impression is that there is far too much drama in the day to day life. If I want drama I go to a theatre. I believe that the original purpose of ancient Greek drama was that people went to an amphitheatre to watch actors to learn how not to do it, today the opposite seems to be true.

From my own direct experience with Americans, whom I've liked, and general observation of them, they are, as they say in the classics, a bit 'over the top' and a bit 'full on', while not being aware of this or how non-Americans see them, and these cultural characteristics and American- centreness reflect this.


Interesting list yes. It would be nice to know though which countries the comments came from.

Europe, I infer from reading it.

@David1955 So did I, but Europe being very variable, it would be nice to be more specific, since some of the things listed are true of some parts of Europe, but not others.

@Fernapple This is why Americans tend to say the city and state as opposed to USA. I thought it more courteous to pin it down a bit more than all of Austria.

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