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Free For All

Mad idea: everyone unblocks everyone they have blocked (I presume there's a way) and start all over again. Just for the aggravation of it! Anyone game? Can anyone think of a legitimate reason to do this?

Good idea or bad?

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LovinLarge 8 Jan 20

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Aw hell, nah. I blocked them for a reason. I'm INFJ, we slam the door and nail that b*&%ch shut.

And there's no doubt in my mind that they deserved it!


I unblocked people from time to time. I see them tagged so I unblocked them to see what they said, sometimes I block then right back, sometimes I don't.

Makes good sense. I'm pretty sure if I decide to unblock anyone I will have reason to block them again right away. Second guessing myself is usually a mistake. Just so you know, I hope you never block me.

@LovinLarge Why would I block you? We agree on most things and when we disagree, that's no reason to block a nice person.

@barjoe Thank you kindly. You are a true asset to this website, your candor refreshing and very nice to discuss things with and I appreciate that. Above all, very good common sense which as they say, ain't so common!


I have not blocked anybody. If you don't like their posts or comments, it is easy to ignore them, but sometimes even the worst trolls post something interesting, so why miss out.

It's a good point. I have blocked countless people permanently and my only regret is that it limits my ability to refute their lies. I remain undecided on this but wondered what others thought. Thanks.

@LovinLarge That is the other reason why I did not block anyone, you have to meet them head on now and again, if only so that anyone else watching, gets to see the obvious holes in their arguments. (OK, so the site's toxic narcarssist runs away with his fingers in his ears, at the sight of me, but if people are not ready for personal growth, that's not my problem. )

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