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This is a very interesting article, complete with charts.

Mass shootings: America’s challenge for gun control explained in seven charts


Petter 9 Jan 22

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"Security without liberty is called prison." -Benjamin Franklin

"Liberty without security is called Totalitarianism." - Petter Finne.


War is peace

Freedom is slavery

Ignorance is strength

@TheInterlooper You are merely requoting Orwell's fictional books and not applying your mind to the the sad truth that absolute liberty leads to absolute tyranny.

@Petter Liberty and tyranny are mutually exclusive.

@TheInterlooper Excessive liberty and its associated tolerance is a fertile spawning ground for tyrants. Hence, tyrany usually evolves from liberty.

@Petter Every form of government eventually becomes tyrannical. This is why anarchy is the only logical path.

Anarchy - where every member of a society quits to become a tyrant in their own right, but discovers there's no-one left to tyranise other than other tyrants. .... A major conundrum!! 🤣

@Petter Do you have any evidence to support this claim, or is this conjecture?


That’s comical

Almost as comical as your comments.



the last chart was quite enlightening.

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