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LINK Ten dead in shooting outside Los Angeles; suspect at large | Reuters

Jan 22 (Reuters) - A man fatally shot 10 people at a ballroom dance venue where people were celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year late on Saturday in Monterey Park, a city on the eastern edge of Los Angeles, and he was still at large after fleeing the scene, police said.

Another 10 people were taken to local hospitals to be treated for injuries, and at least one was in critical condition, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said early on Sunday morning, about five hours after the attack in Monterey Park.

When local police first arrived, people were "pouring out of the location screaming," department captain Andrew Meyer told reporters in a news briefing at the scene.
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There was no immediate information about a motive for the shooting or a description of the suspect or kind of gun used.

The shooting took place after 10 p.m. PST (0600 GMT on Sunday) around the location of a Chinese Lunar New Year celebration where many downtown streets are closed for festivities that draw thousands of people from across Southern California. Police said the festivities planned for Sunday were now cancelled.

(I believe this will turn out to be a carry over of more anti-Asian hate that Trump stirred up while he was president. NPR reports that this may be linked to an earlier shooting in Alhambra, which is just East of Monterey Park, which also has a large Asian population.)

snytiger6 9 Jan 22

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I despise white supremacist as much as anyone, however I'm far more suspicious of Red Chinese covert operations striking expatriates who chose democracy over communism or whatever their government is in China.
MAGA terrorist don't have an over abundance of international awareness. If they attack Asians they tend to get one victim at a time, because they're cowards. Driven by rage one will lose their god damned mind every now and then, but typically they get shot or captured because they suck at planning too.
This person, or group is leaving nothing to track them down with, which indicates some degree of competence therefore not white supremacist.
If you want to find white supremacist you'll know them because they hide next to American flags and Christian crosses, the dumbest sack of hammers that ever lived.


Republicans idea of population control is using a gun, because they think white people are going extinct.


I've long ago accepted that everyone in this nation-under-siege is a soldier, not a citizen. Our lives are in the hands of fate so long as a bullet can rip through us at any time we are in public. Maybe even when we are home, alone, but have pissed off a political opponent. This (our nation) is equivalent to a war zone. Everyone is beginning to understand this and be frightened by it but incapable of a solution. Guns have constitutional protection and that's a fact which is not changing. A Right to life is also mentioned in that constitution and not given equal time (even though it's mentioned before the Amendments). This lack of ever feeling more-or-less safe might be having a wider effect on trust. Very few Americans trust anyone else so it's becoming less reliant on institutions having control over masses. Makes sense, I think, but change born from anger is rarely a well thought out change. I've suggested an alternative so my solution is in.

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