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LINK Stop praising Pastor Andy Stanley for pretending to love gay people

For the past few days, an out-of-context clip from Pastor Andy Stanley, the leader of North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia, has been circulating online because he appears to welcome gay people in his church in a way that seems unusual among evangelicals.

Some conservative Christians, like the guy tweeting below, are furious that Stanley is caving to what they believe is sin. Others, however, celebrated this as a big step forward.

What on earth… let this be a lesson. Much evil can be done against you, others and your church under the banner of evangelism.
— pagemasta (@AdamPage85) January 23, 2023

… [If we could] figure out how to get straight people as excited about serving and engaging as the gay and women I know, we would have a volunteer backlog. That’s my experience in our churches.

… A gay person who still wants to attend church after the way the church has treated the gay community, I’m telling you, they have more faith than I do. They have more faith than a lot of you. A gay person who knows, “You know what? I may not be accepted here, but I’m gonna try it anyway,” have you ever done that as a straight person?

Where do you go that you’re not sure you’re gonna be accepted, and you go over and over and over and over? [Joking] Only your in-laws’ house. That’s the only place you go where you know you’re not completely accepted, but you go over and over and over, and it’s because you have to. But other than the in-laws, what environment do you continue to step foot in knowing that, any moment, you may feel ostracized? No place!
snytiger6 9 Jan 25

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From 8 years old , threw away my miltary toys. Don't think I am capable of hate, yet notice many groups are defending their over ego group in an over ego world. . Looking at the individual first. So centroism, I stay away from, or tame down this us against them, where it is never ending, then grows into hate and great disrespect. Just take the good bits from every group and incorporate it , into my world or universe, throw out the wasteful hate


,,,,just like countries€€€they feel safe to do WHATEVER,,,as in the MILITARY/ not excepting LADIES---- Y
All the best( I am a ROOFER/ Idont care who u bed; your abilities & competence matters ) countries in the MODERAN WORLD do not differentiate
between your abilities & your gender.....
Or they fade; sink by time into oblivion.I was a young person in the military%and women started to be trained on base --- frat house---.
We need a different perspective on
Other countries HAVE DONE IT ""
are doing it ,successfully 👏


Some religious people are more open minded than others, but there has to be a catch of some kind at that church.

I say, what ever works, even to my iwildest imagination, can not ever understand religion to get my intimate soul deeply involved.


I can't figure why anyone who even thinks they might be gay would want to join such a place. It’s fine to be gay, but it’s a sin to ever act on it, is exactly what they're offering and that would be a terrible life. Odd that anyone would voluntarily seek it (for any reason let alone notoriety or adulation for conforming to their standards). Humans are goofy.


I just saw someone I know posted how the current pope said homosexuality isn't a crime. I reminded him and any others that said pope "talks pretty" and has done absolutely nothing progressive. He was addressing some priests and bishops around the world approving of anti homosexuality laws. I said that if the pope meant it, he would recall them to Rome to be chastised (those trips used to not be paid by the Vatican).


That is like having rocks in your head. All the time gay people and others who have been thrown out of churches keep on butting their heads against the same bigotry. You would think they learn something.


I don't believe anything any of these assholes have to say.
They're all liars, whether they really believe all their bullshit, or not.

approach this issue like this •••¿•••
IT IS A WASTE of humanity's potential.
It has to change- many suffer for the comfort of ARROGANCE( better than thou)

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