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More gleeful news. A restaurant in Richmond Virginia refused service to a Christian group. []

jackjr 7 Jan 27

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It's a private business, so they can do what they want. But I don't see why this would make anyone gleeful. That says much more about you than them.

Really, there are some who are waking up to the problems with going along to get along. We need to fight back. In this case it was about not allowing hate speech to invade our businesses.


Had the xian group intended to harm the restaurant in some way?

IDK, but if the owners or staff had taken part in an issue the xians opposed, the xians could have done much harm.

The reservation was for the 'Family Foundation' he reservation was for an event with supporters to inform them further about the Family Foundation, Cobb said. A total of 15-20 people, consisting of the guests and some staff members, were meant to be in attendance. So it was basically an open forum about the family foundation which is inappropriate for a public setting.


Christians degrade whatever community they worm into.


Good for the staff for making that decision. I remember how Christians would publish their own Christian-only business directories and set them out so everyone could understand that they sought to exclude the rest of society.

And with the rise of the nones and people waking up to the hate from christians the number of customers to the biased christian services will shrink. Maybe if more secular places practiced discrimination to the fanatical religious it will give them a taste of their own medicine.

@jackjr One of my fantasies is that Democrats would put the word out to the rest of the world not to contract with companies in red states as this risks the US falling into fascism.

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