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Thanks to Ryo for this photo of the latest US response to trespassing balloons.

Aha, armed with the new balloon downing piercers specially for trespassing balloons in Alaska, Canada & USA.
They are a stop gap measure until Biden builds his sky walls to keep the hoards of Chinese refugees out. . . What didn't they tell you about the Chinese family in the first car sized balloon gondola fleeing Chinese brutality & indoctrination?
I read that Amazon is trying to get onto the supplier so as to compete with Alibaba mail order offers.

FrayedBear 9 Feb 12

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When is Australia going to retaliate with its own balloon?

Alan Bond had one once or was it Packer & channel 9.


very appropriate. One doth wonder about the balloons what is their real purpose?? What is released wth the gas when they are shot down?? Is it only China with the balloons?/ me thinks not.

Yes I wondered if it was filled with covid 19 variant, anthrax, ebola or laughing gas.

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