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LINK Most Republicans want the (U.S.) government to declare America a "Christian Nation"

A new survey sheds light on a frightening phenomenon

A survey recently released by PRRI/Brookings finds that roughly 27% of Americans support the idea of the United States officially becoming a “Christian Nation.” It gets even more frightening among Republicans, with 54% of the GOP fantasizing about that Christian declaration.

They all disagree, however, on what that means in practice.

The phrase “Christian nation” is not meant to be aspirational. As sociologists Andrew Whitehead and Samuel Perry described in their book Taking America Back for God (affiliate link), Christian nationalism basically represents a fusion of conservative Christianity with civic life. It’s not quite a theocracy, but if conservative Christians had their way, it’d be a distinction without a difference.

The phrase suggests we were founded as a (conservative) Christian country—even though we were not—and that we should be guided by (conservative) Christian principles. It’s not about Jesus. It’s about pushing right-wing beliefs on everybody in the country with regards to LGBTQ rights, gender roles, abortion access, who “counts” as an American, and control of public institutions like schools and government.


snytiger6 9 Feb 18

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And yet they claim to love the Constitution! They are the very worst at even trying to hide their hypocrisy.

It's like the bible... they claim to love it, but have never actually read it themselves.

@snytiger6 I wipe my ass with the Bible.


The war they’re demanding isn’t the war they want. They don’t know that yet and if they remain out of control they’ll be exposed and lose everything.
Just look at the Fox fiasco, once a critical mass of MAGA become “woke” to what Hannity, Tucker, Murdock and Ingraham were texting Fox will lose way more than a tiny 1.6 billion dollar lawsuit, they will also lose power.
Come on Christians, let’s do this thing!


For a long time the Republicans would try to push a 'flag desecration' ruling. It would go back and forth but there was no real way to preserve our freedoms and make it illegal to 'desecrate' a piece of colored cloth, so it was dropped only to resurface after a decade (it seems late at this time). Same thing with the 'Christian country crap (look into the Treaty of Tripoli 1797). It's more about words and getting a few on their side than actual action as it's next to impossible to get even members of the same sect to agree on their beliefs, never mind from other sects.


That would be unconstitutional. It goes against the establishment clause of the 1st amendment. Any judge who would say any different should be removed from the bench.

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