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LINK Honeywell plans to cut healthcare for 4,700 retirees | Local |

This is why the US needs universal health care.

HippieChick58 9 May 1

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Hmmm.... it's always sad to hear stuff like this.


My company did this 15 years ago. I thought big unions and public employees were the only ones left with those sweet benefits


Corporate America doesn't give a damn for the little people, and we're all little people.


It happened to me with my company and they canceled my life insurance also


Honeywell own some judges or what?

ERISA? Don't these people have some protection for this?

@Condor5 You would think so, apparently this went to court and Honeywell won. 😟

@Paul628 that sucks.


Legal language bullcrap.

Pay them according to the agreement when they retired not whatever the current bargaining agreement is. Sounds like this was a plan in action for a while.


This fucking country.


Poor people.

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