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Some members are having trouble sending messages on the site. Not that I expect @Admin to do anything about it, but it would be a good idea to have an idea of how big the issue is. Depending on how invested you are in your levels, unless @admin does something those affected might have to set up a new account and hope it helps. No guarantees...

Trouble with Messaging

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HippieChick58 9 Feb 28

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The admins have been MIA for a lot longer than this. I was forced to change my email address about 8 months ago and changed it here to the new one. I got the message to confirm the new email. Clicked the button. Never got the email. Tried again with the same result. Tried again and again. Never got the confirmation email. Sent a question directly to them. No response. Posted on their trouble board. No response. No response to this day and every time I get on the site I get the message that I still haven't confirmed my new email.

Wade Level 6 Mar 3, 2023

Hmmmm....I just tried to reply to a message and....being in a hurry....didn't notice it didn't show up. Went back and sent a PS....which seems to have worked. ?????


The admin hasn't been active in over a month, according to the admin profile. It's a free to use site I have no complaints or regrets. I'm sure people on here can find a way to communicate, of the vast amounts of ways nowadays.

Tejas Level 7 Mar 1, 2023

WELLLLL.....considering that at least two of us have been locked out of the board recently (NO--we weren't being disciplined!) HC's point about knowing of this problem is very valid.

My suggestion? Have the private email of a GOOD FRIEND here and, if you're locked out, they can help you recreate your account/points list. It's not easy! (Thanks forever to GLENN!)

@pamagain I've never had any issues on the site, I use mobile only. The site occasionally goes down for restart it seems, maybe you were locked out then.

@Tejas I've used the site for several years....was about half-way through level 9 and never had a problem. Using mobile won't work for me but thanks for the suggestion.


I admit that I don't use messaging very often here - but I have received some messages from members recently, and now that I look, it doesn't seem that they received my replies.

@floWteiuQ -- I spent a bit of time answering your question on messenger the other day, but now that I look back at it, it has disappeared! Did you receive it? Hmmm... Messenger would be really nice to have on this site.

One member wanted to message me and apparently couldn't, so we connected through Facebook instead. Interestingly, since that FB connection, a few other members from here friended me there as well. I wasn't sure I wanted my Agnostic life to collide with my FB life, but the communication is more reliable on the larger platform.

I prefer this site, as a whole, since I feel I can be more honest with personal situations that I don't feel comfortable sharing on FB, since that can have real life repercussions.

Let's remember that this site is free AND has no ads, and hopefully our contact information isn't being shared with advertisers, while also keeping our identities as anonymous as we'd like. I'm happy to deal with a few glitches, but also have developed a daily addiction to the site, so I hope we get to keep it in some form.

Does anyone know if opening a new user account fixes the problem? I don't want to lose my level 8 status which took 5 years to achieve! 😉

I just went to my messenger to re-reply to a message, and I noticed down at the bottom there is a purple button I can slide to on or off regarding "Socket status: No Connection" Is anyone else seeing this? Even sliding the button over to on - I still see "No Connection" so perhaps this is the issue?

I think that if you open a new user account you will be back at the starting line.

I've checked my settings and everything looks good, but no I have not seen any replies. I'll investigate further....

@Julie808 My socket connection is open,, and I think it always has been. I have no idea what it means.

I feel the same as you. I like this site and the people I interact with. The format here is easy and convenient. My hope is that it can be saved/repaired. If wishes were pennies....

Ok.... I exchanged messages with someone a little over a month ago. So, it worked then.
Of course, this was one of the 30 something crowd; and call me what you will, I have no desire to hook up with women that young.

@floWteiuQ I replied to you twice, first a somewhat long and thoughtful response, and second a quick reply to test whether the messenger was even working. Doesn't look like either went through, but I did receive your question on Feb 25th.

@Julie808 I see the purple button and mine shows connected. Perhaps that's the reason I haven't had any problems.

@Lorajay Okay - thanks for that bit of info. Mine still says "No Connection" so maybe if @Admin sees we are having this issue, s/he could check the "Socket Status" for some of us. It seems to also be affecting my ability to update my profile bio.

@Julie808 well I didn't realize I was having problems but when I looked at messages today I noticed the messages I thought I had responded to haven't been responded to it's like I had never tried to send anything.


My only problem with messaging is I don't get a notice well I have one and that's always been my choice because I get way too many notices about everything.


I have sent an email request to the domain owner and not received a reply. He or she probably no longer cares about this site, and @admin appears to have gone AWOL.


I fell it is fast getting to the time when we must look around at finding another forum or create one for ourselves.
Messaging is not the only problem issue, would be easy to fix, if @admin would do a basic maintenance.

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