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Christians came to North America and looked down on the native people living there as being superstitious primitives with magical beliefs. I think that they had it the wrong way around, with their magical dead god on a stick, their virgin birth and their belief in heaven and hell. The world is what you make of it, heaven or hell, your choice.

SnowyOwl 8 Mar 11

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The myth of the "noble savage" is still alive ?

Who said Noble Savage? Having a less delusional perspective is not a crime.


Amazingly the Australian Aboriginals say the same thing
To them it is country which to them explains everything, but to all the non indigenous population, a very hard concept to come to grips with.
From contact with an New Guinea/ Papuan, their beliefs about the land and nature are erringly similar, although slightly different wording.

Amazingly, when the ancestors of the Australian aborgines arrived on this continent, they hunted much of the existing megafauna into extinction (what homo sapiens did whereever they arrived on their journey out of Africa.) There is no reason to believe that these peoples lives "in harmony with nature". They just lacked the means to cause even greater damage

@Thibaud70 There are other theories to explain the extinction of megafauna around the globe, think a little further outside the box, set aside the racist programming that makes Western standards the yardstick against which everything must be measured.

@SnowyOwl are you forgetting that the native Americans almost hunted Buffalo into extinction. Only later after their numbers grew from European men moving out the natives, did euro settlers almost make them go extinct again. How are you gonna call someone racist because they don't agree with you, then claim the west is racist? You clearly have never left any "westernized" country. Asian countries are by far way more racist then anywhere else.


I think they are all complicit in silly beliefs.

Tejas Level 7 Mar 11, 2023

Please go share your comments elsewhere, you're not welcome on my posts.

@SnowyOwl well if you had the power to delete them I'd agree with you, but you don't. You can block me though if you don't like seeing me.

@Tejas I have never blocked anyone and frankly you aren't worthy of being the first to receive that honour.

@SnowyOwl then keep complaining when I comment idc


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