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Trump sending out calls for violence if he is arrested. I hope the National Guard is ready. Be careful out there!

Organist1 8 Mar 18

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With any luck, these trigger-happy nitwits will assemble and end up killing each other.


Where would this supposedly happen?😋

If he thinks I'm going to rush down and storm the local county courthouse alone he's going to be disappointed.
I guess on the plus side... I'm sure nobody has deployed the National Guard to stop me.😂

New York. The Stormy Daniels payoff.


I kind of hope that some of the same people that are already out on bail or finished their sentiences for Jan 6 show up and find out about repeat offenses.


Calling on the SA / Proud Boys to intimidate the prosecution.


Surprise, surprise, surprise not. These kinds of maneuvers should show how guilty he is for actually trying to overturn our democratic system. There will be some violence and there will be many who actually hate this POS to counter his enablers. We really do need to build more 'special' jails for these people and lets see how they like the de-regulated prison system.


Violence if he is arrested. This is why people like Dump create base followers. Those dummies think he likes exactly what they do and they become his small "private army."

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