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Yesterday the JW's came to my door and gave me a tract asking me to attend a "memorial of Jesus' death." It seemed important to them in some way and it asks what this means to all of us. I want to know just when this death occurred. The literal Jesus, if there really was one, seems to have died on a religious holiday that changes every year according to all calendars. They called this Passover at the time, but death did not "pass over" Jesus. OK, nobody knows when he died.

This has about as much believability as his birth argument. When was Jesus born? Now throw in the Christmas myth and you have come full circle. Looks like the end of harvest and winter solstice to me. Yep, if we had a good harvest we might be saved through the winter.

DenoPenno 9 Mar 18

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I don't really give a fuck when putatively he died, because for one thing, they can't even prove that he lived, and secondly, IF he fucking lived, I'd like to know how they can possibly believe the immaculate conception bull shit . . . . if their own daughter came home one day and said, hey, mom and pop, I am pregnant, and guess who is the father? It would go over like a lead balloon. Add 2000 years to the bull shit story, and WOWOWOWOWOW that's believable!!!!!

The way believers see it all today is a recent idea put together with lots of bullshit from Saul of Tarsus who never even met Jesus. Paul, as he became later, wrote a third of the NT. He once said for his teachings that he could not tell if he was in or out of his body when he received them from a higher power. Believers just eat that all up cox they take it as proof of a soul and nobody wants to die.

@DenoPenno I don't even buy into that story . . . . this bull shit was concocted by someone else for certain reasons. . . .

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