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Are you on anyone's salvation list?

I have been reading some posts on here about people getting texted or told reasons to not atheist by their religious friends and I was wondering who had or is experiencing this may have occurred once, twice or on a regular basis.

Selah613 5 May 2

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Yes a woman whos family I've known for 65 yrs. she's 90 yrs and preys for me every day . I would never say anything against her beliefs . I just received the annual birthday card from her today .


On fb I get a lot of it. I figure that the religious Johnnys see the post and share it publicly, so it goes to all their facebook friends. If they send it as a private message, I block them. Lots of relatives blocked. Lots of old friends blocked. Everyone else either ignores it, like they should, or have left their parents church and have become Wiccan, Druid, Atheist/ agnostic, etc. Some have even thanked me for giving them the courage to come out of their religious closet and proclaim their new faith, or lack thereof. The few die hards have finaly given up on me, and we only see each other at funerals, or family reunions.


I hope not!


You are Not a Grown Up until you are removed from Everybody's List.

so I am not an adult as long as I receive pity?

@Stevil your style.

@Stevil, @Selah613 a real man will never be in anybody's pity list.

@GipsyOfNewSpain ok people pity me because my dad died so does that not make me a real man

@GipsyOfNewSpain or let me guess it is my veiws on peace

@Selah613 my dad died too... my son's dad is going to die too but I can not communicate with you on an adult site when you claim to be technically a child. GOOD DAY.

@Stevil of course not but im trying to prove a point that unless you ask people to stop you can't really stop people from pitying you


Two of my three kids are openly non believers, the third is keeping bible thumper daddy happy. My siblings are not churchy people, so nope. No one is trying to save my atheist hippie soul.


I am not on anyone's "salvation list" to my knowledge but I may be on one or two people's "backslider's list". Those would be extended family members who subscribe to "once saved, always saved", and are therefore more likely to see me as a prodigal son who needs to come back home. As in all other things, they pray in vain.


Every time I go back home to Missouri

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