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skado 9 Nov 20

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Don't lay that crap on Scientists


“I” am denying the existence of any verifiable result from any of them. And it’s definitely not Quantum Physics.


I am not sure of the "it" which you are discussing.

Not my words. Just a FB meme that followed me home.

@skado I hate it when memes follow me home.

@Gwendolyn2018 l know! I have had to move twice in the last year. 🙃


This equation, if you call it that, doesn't seem to work....

Ryo1 Level 8 Nov 20, 2023

Try again...


What Christians call prayer, IS NOT what witches call spell casting, nor is it what Spiritualists call manifestations.
True a Doctor might in some instances call this praying the placebo effect, but not all doctors are Atheists, who probably have no attributable opinion since atheism relates only to the none existence of a god(s)
As only by tortured mental gymnastics could the uncertainty principle aspects of quantum physics be attributed to prayer, most of this post can in the words of the late great Douglas Adams be dismissed as
"a load of dingo's kidneys!"


I figure whatever works for ya; just leave everyone not interested in your "whatever" the fuck alone.


Except that double-blind studies on prayer, for one, have showed the people prayed for had Worse outcomes.....


Quantum physicists generally ignore it. Some may attribute some unknowability of the collapse of the wave function to “it”.


It seems to be associated with existence, has a variety of forms, best guess water.


Equating spells and prayer with quantum physics?

What else, faith healing with 21st Century medicine?

Voo Doo with counselling?

Fortune telling with financial management?


Does this imply that you are talking about the same thing ??
The placebo effect certainly is not based on quantum effects


I too err on the side of quantum physics or spooky science


The quantum physics definition sounds good to me.

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