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LINK 'They don't belong': police called on Native American teens on college tour | US news | The Guardian

This is why I'm against anonymity and privacy laws: the parent who made the call should be held responsible and put under the same public scrutiny as these two kids.

This is the same as the Starbucks incident. Regardless of how masterfully those two guys handled it, the person who made the call should be placed under the same spotlight and explain themselves.

After all, in the US you have a right to face your accuser but we are so hell-bent on privacy, that people can accuse with zero consequences... except to those they accuse!!!

TheMiddleWay 8 May 4

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Seems like a knee jerk reaction that clearly involved little or no thought on the part of the parent who called the police. Reminds me of a courtroom judge who said to the counsel for the defense: "my mind is made up do not confuse me with the evidence."


These incidents just make me sad. Judging people by skin color is such a stupid thing to do.


If a person is going to be racist they need to be named and shamed, period.


Most folks live in their own little bubble and when someone not like them (or the same skin color) shows up, they panic. What I think is funny is that conservatives call college kids 'snowflakes' but in this case I would say the parent who called the cops truly earned that label.


Anonymity should be protected. If I see someone being creepy, I should be able to call the police without risk of reprisal.

The police did speak with the caller, and they did have to explain to themselves. I don’t think publishing their name will do good for anyone but hooligans.

I don’t get how it just a forgone conclusion that the caller was racially motivated. It may well have been, who knows, but you can’t just assume that. How many times are the police called on innocent people that are acting suspicious? Hundreds a day? Though it happens to two ethnic kids, they miss a school tour and now it’s news?

Not very many white people and the statistics show that. Wake up and smell the racism.

Listen, dude...there are all kinds of stupid people and this caller was one of them. People are very ignorant; I lost count of how many times fat ladies wearing hair rollers asked me "How do you speak Spanish; you have blue eyes? " The best comment came from a parent who suggested I should teach Spanish using English.

Many Americans in their 50s + don't know anything about the rest of the world. The families of these two Native Americans were here longggggggggggg before the caller's. SHAME

@Sticks48 not many white people what? I think you forgot a verb.

@Sticks48, @Ciravolostone I’m not angry. Don’t assume you know anything about me, because you don’t. Don’t assume you know that call to the police was motivated by racism, because you don’t.

@Sticks48, @Ciravolostone, @MarvelAnn I was’t referring to the two kids when I said hooligans. I was talking about the pitchfork mob that just assumes that this must be racially motivated.

@Sticks48, @Ciravolostone, @MarvelAnn, @DUCHESSA Racism is a thing and it’s bad, but I guess ageism is fine?

@TheMiddleWay Agreed, somewhat. It is a problem. Another problem is assuming the call was motivated by race. Everyone is just assuming it is. There isn’t a single piece of evidence for that.

@TheMiddleWay You never have to jump to conclusions. In the absence of evidence one can merely withhold judgement.

I’m not really sure what you would expect to find if this person’s identity was revealed.

@MarvelAnn why bring up white privelage? Are you just assuming the caller is white? What if the caller is Native American?

@TheMiddleWay I think you’ve lived up to your user name and presented a rational middle of the road view on this, and I agree with everything you just said.

@MarvelAnn I’m sorry. You did not. I believe you were mistakenly attached to a response to a comment about people that are 50 and older.

@MarvelAnn not I’m not being daft on purpose. I only read the article.

@indirect76 No, ageism is not fine...and you know is not ok?

@DUCHESSA It is not ok.


So plainly so wrong!

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