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Why do you think Newspapers print Church news free?

This has always bugged me. I don't get why they have a free pass for their worship times & events. I also think less and less people are religious.

K9Kohle789 7 Dec 9

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Newspapers sell what sells. ..bibles. ..Ishtar lillies. ...xmas trees. ....a billion gift wrapped products. ....Sunday go to meeting clothes. and turkey dinner grocery sales with Pilgrims passion but you WON'T FIND NEWSPAPERS give free advertising to Atheists calling for jailing 2 popes covering up evidence of rapist priests. ....that would be real news reporting INSTEAD CENSORSHIP SELLS too


I work for a regional newspaper group and we publish community events free for everyone. We don't publish commercial/business events, typically, but if there's something newsworthy we publish an article (and no fee for that either, as legitimate news should never be paid content).

I'm not sure what sort of NEWS is in publishing a church service but that may be just me.

Just a community service. We don't run church service times in print, generally, and don't even have them online (just a church directory with contact information). But my point is only that if it's information the public finds useful, it has value in a community new publication.

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