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Could something bad, short term, turn into something good, long term? I am not sure,maybe other folks have opinions and/or examples?

mike1951 6 Dec 9

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I at times am an idiotic optimist. I am hoping that our current administration causes enough good people to see the hypocrisy of the Republicans and evangelicals so that they never return to power. It could be just a dream.

gearl Level 7 Dec 9, 2017

I am thinking of the hurricane and Puerto Rico. According to tRUMP Puerto Rico had a an outdated electrical grid which was decimated by the storm. Now they are benefitting from private companies like Tessler which will be updating the system with solar panels and restoring energy which is so desperately needed.


For me, good things are short term.


Yes. Sometimes a situation is so bad that people rise up to change the situation and the people who perpetrated it! I hope this happens with Trump, The morally bankrupt Republicans, and the evangelical Christians!


Possibly, but you greatly increase the likelihood by determining why something is bad and then planning, AND taking, the appropriate steps to make it good.

Example: My drinking was GREAT the first decade, "normal" the second and abysmal the third. When I decided it was ruining my life I genuinely sought treatment and became very serious about my recovery. I still accomplished a lot through those decades and my "adventures before and after" are a sum total of who I am today.

I've met and overcome many challenges since and guess what? I have a whole new series of them. But I'm working on them, aiming for their resolution before the next set comes along.

Hoping for something bad to turn good, just like praying for the same, is useless. If its bad, fix it.


I think so, And visa versa !!!

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