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LINK Mystery pooper has tortured golf course for a decade

A decade? These mystery poopers are becoming an epidemic.

OpposingOpposum 9 May 7

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You've obviously never been to Nigeria!


They are the reason I never played golf. Never knew what I was going to hit.


I think he gets a free drop.


dudes just taking a drop. he's allowed a club's length.


Turd burglar now Mystery pooper... @Blindbird are you trying to tell us something?.. wink

I have a shitty sense of humor at 3 am?

@Blindbird ditto!


Sorry not a turd counter or fecal investigator


Reminds me of the Mad Pooper case here in Colorado Springs last fall. Some chick kept shitting on peoples lawns. I don't think they ever caught her, but it seems as though she stopped when the chief of police made a public statement that if she kept doing what she was doing, there would sooner or later be crystal clear video of who she was.


He's tenacious, I'll give him that. Weird, but dedicated!

And after all this time he probably knows his shit!

@Blindbird Oh, I can't believe I missed that one!

Dedicated, defecated, who gives a shit!

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