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Can you tell a lot about a person based on movies they watch?

Personally I think you can tell a lot about a person by the movies theg watch, what does everyone think?

By T23GM4
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I fall asleep halfway through most. Wonder what that says about me?

If you get an answer, please share it with me.

@Holysocks you too huh?

Movies either put me to sleep, make me cry, or I turn them off.

I think it's your subconscious mind saying 'Enough with the fake world, look to the real one!' Don't quote me on that because you could sue me if you did...

Even an Avengers film?

@Palindromeman. Usually not those. Though I couldn't finish Thor smile003.gif

@Blindbird Don't get me wrong - I find Avengers films mildly entertaining. At best.

Put me in front of a Wes Anderson film, and that is a completely different story.

@Palindromeman. I have to stick to action adventure, horror and comedy and I still get bored with a lot of them

@Blindbird What's your favourite comedy movie? Mine is Ghostbusters - the original, not that awful remake.

@Palindromeman. Any Mel Brooks movie, really.

@Blindbird Agreed. Blazing Saddles is a fave, obviously.

@Palindromeman watching Mister Frost in the movies group rn. Its an interesting thriller from the nineties with Jeff Goldblum. Pop over and watch if you've got the time.

@Blindbird I love that movie! You should also check out Mr Brooks with Kevin Costner, I suspect it will appeal to you.


Kinda sorta not really.
Let's say it's fallable.


I completely agree! I was having feelings for someone until she asked me to watch one of her favorite movies. 3 minutes in, I left her to watch while I went in search of a coffee pot and a hammer to try to help me understand.

What was the movie?

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

@Holysocks Oh. Now I understand. Completely.


Short answer - yes.

Long answer - hells yes.

That said, I am open to the idea that I can see a movie with a friend or partner, and I can see that movie through their eyes. I might still think that movie sucks, but maybe I get a fresh perspective on it.

My favourite Christmas film? Die Hard.

LOL! That really is a great x-mas film!

@phxbillcee A lot of people don't get that! And such a great use of Beethoven's 9th symphony in the score.


It tells me how easily amused they're capable of being? I'm not a movie "whore". Not a latest "greatest" has-to-see-1st airing kind of person.(that doesn't impress me haha)
Similar humor in comedies is important to me, doesn't have to be completely in line by any means, but not opposite with nothing in common.
So AFA that goes, it just tells me compatibility in comedies. LOL I lived with someone very fond of explosions/car crashes/bloody and formula hollywood, so I was off doing other things while he watched whatever. I give something 20 minutes to grab me unless there's a compelling reason otherwise.

eta: However if say, someone is a Gallagher/Foxworthy type and won't entertain ...Chapelle that would be a big fat disppointment.

Qualia Level 8 May 9, 2018

I love the first 5 installments of Planet of the Apes!!

LOL I loved the series as a kid!

@Qualia it's even better as an adult!!

@farmboy2017 I liked how dark it was, and growing up (and still am) a horse freak, altho not as severe now.

Oh man, fond memories at the drive-in theater.


I think you might be to determine some things, but you probably can't tell too much.

KKGator Level 9 May 8, 2018

Yes, so long as you don’t assume your learning something your not. Like a person who loves horror films is probably not going to act out scenes from a film but you will have learned that they like horror films.


But now I'm curious....
If someone doesn't watch movies, or tv....
What do you learn or surmise ?


Porn included or excluded. Plenty of porn genre out there so what is it gonna be? Included or excluded also.... How many cultures as you mastered? Because I enjoy Latin American movies in the own language, European movies with subtitles besides Hollywood.... so can you keep up with me?

i think maybe people watch the kind of porn they'd like to be doing.

@SeeCanU yeah, why not.


That and what brand of ketchup they buy.

you can't get too far in life without a good condiment.


I watch films with titles like Squirm, Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things, Zombie, I Drink Your Blood, I Eat Your Skin, Shriek of the Mutilated, Psychomania, and Local Hero.

I defy anyone to come up with my personality traits, based on those films.

Ha! In my experience, it means you're either an absolute sweetheart or a serial killer. No in betweenies with that list.


I don't think so really


Who cares? If the person's tastes in movies aren't sometimes similar to mine in some aspects, likely the romance wouldn't progress very far, if at all.

Some football mentality dude type who loves violent, crude, movies probably wouldn't work out for me anyway.


Partially. Why is it necessary to tell about a person anyway when we can't even discover our true self in an entire life?

@Stevil ha same!


I think it's far easier to misinterpret a person by the movies they watch than to have a true understanding of them. Liking a story does not necessarily equate to liking the main character, or any of them. People can't look away from a train wreck even when though they do not like the event. People are mystified by fire even though they are afraid of being burned. On the other hand they could be a pyro. That's why it's easy to get it wrong.


Yes. It may not be a complete picture (every pun intended) of who they are but it would be one of many pieces in the puzzle as to who they are as a person. This could be both positive and negative insight.

@SACatWalker Hey I'm up for that.


Or don't watch


I choose movies based upon my mood. There are a few favorites that are close to my heart. But are they my favorites because I saw them at a great time in my life (and therefore remind me of that great time), or because I like them based on my personality. We all know our reaction to a movie may be soured because of a bad mood.

My answer would be - it's based on your mood and your preferences. So, it gives one a scewed version of ourselves.

AdkGrl Level 4 May 9, 2018

Well, they may go with a group & all have input, so a better question may be, what are their favorite movies!


As a movie lover, their taste tells me quite a bit about their personality. I wish there was a dating site where you could evaluate a potential date by the movies they watch.


Hmmm I you'd think someone is super smart if they watch a lot of documentaries but I know lots of super smart people that watch cartoons

High intelligence is correlated with depression, so intelligent people may watch a lot of cartoons to laugh a bit. Unless the cartoon they're watching is Bojack Horseman. In that case, they're completely lost to pathos and there's no hope for them!


If all movies are known that a person likes or watches: is it the whole movie or just certain parts; is it an actor or a director / producer (or something else); is it special effects; is it the plot or story line? I think you could determine a trend of the individual's personality.

xyz123 Level 7 May 9, 2018

You can learn something bit I don't know that you can learn a lot.

Frctnal Level 7 May 9, 2018

Not a good way to assess people, I think. I am a calm, peace-loving, broadly optimistic, socialist septuagenarian, who loves violent action movies with plenty of car-crashes and explosions, Chinese battle epics, Chinese/Japanese martial arts movies, and most UK films. Least favourite is rom-coms.

CeliaVL Level 7 May 9, 2018
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