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How do you feel about your partner helping themselves along during sex?

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CallMeDave 8 May 10

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Yup because it leaves me with at least one hand free so i can use the remote to change channel


Love it, it is sexy as hell


I'm perfectly fine with it. I join in 🙂


Obviously, this should be avoided because it sounds like a great way to start an infinite feedback loop of arousal. She'll help herself along, with is going to help me along, which will help her along, which will help me along...someone could die


As long as it's a win/win....or a win/win/win or a win/win/win/win (You can see where I'm going with this) it's all good to me 😉


That would be when I sit back and say "Might as well learn from a pro", and that's where I'd get slapped.

Lucky you, maybe.

lol, calling your partner a 'pro' means quite a different thing in the UK and would certainly get you slapped 🙂

@JimmyM , Indeed. I grew up watching British comedy.


Just don't scratch my tongue with your nails!


Is that a thing?


Less work for me, and, I may just learn something I didn't know about them.


I don't really "need assistance" so no vote from me.... but my feelings are, "Here..... let me help you with that my dear......."


Whatever works

N7EIE Level 6 May 10, 2018
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