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If you were brought up in revealed religion, what was one thing you absolutely despised about it?

MyLiege 7 Dec 12

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Why did god always want my candy money on Sundays. Why doesn't he make his own money since he is all powerful.


Probably the dishonesty of it all. All religion creates an environment that prevents rational questioning of ideas, You are in no way encouraged to question the existence of whichever god or gods you are supposed to beleive in. I can't help but care about the truth as opposed to caring about what I would want to be true. They are two very different ways of thinking. Having said that I must admit that there is no part of me that really wants god to exist or not, I am just interested at looking at the evidence for and against



How it made me doubt and belittle myself.

Religion is masked psychological abuse. Hopefully your outlook about yourself has changed!


While I was religious, detesting anything about it wasn't allowed. Like questioning, it was a sin. But now, looking back, I hated, most of all, the feelings of guilt.

I agree, the forced guilt and inability to question anything was really frustrating. Also, the whole "confession" situation. I mean, why would I have to confess to a person, when God already knows??

Notice how they attempted to box us in with that sin thingy? We question, we suffer eternal damnation. Amazing how fearful that god and/or it's creators are that anyone question the existence or authority.

I always had a questioning space in the back of my mind. I'm a recovering Catholic and was really bothered by the disconnect and way-out-there aspect. Just like any old absentee father but with rules and punishment although no visitation.


I thought I found just that when i started going to a Pentecostal church with my first wife. All that speaking in tongues and prophesizing. Scared the crap out of me. I thought I had finally found where the truth was.... I really hate those preachers. Damn lying assholes.. they're really good at screwing up your head


Being expected to 'obey', 'obey, and 'obey' some more; all without thinking.

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