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So I was just checking Facebook, and came across an entry by one of my Nephews - who is a young married, and a college educated Pastor of a small church up north.

It reads as follows : " When your neighbor walks over and offers to plow your driveway for the entire winter at no costs! Feeling blessed! God is so good! "

My first thought was - yeah , you clearly won the neighbor lottery - but what does this have to do with a god !? Like, shouldn't the credit be given to the neighbor's kind generosity ?

What's your initial reaction ?

evergreen 8 Dec 13

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Not being used to snow my immediate vision was of a driveway plowed ready for harrowing though round here the tendency is just to go into no till without ploughing.
I visualised your nephew in his car navigating his driveway. It must make for a bumpy ride if the driveway is like a series of speed humps! Lol


I thought Christians preferred to suffer...


The complete lack of gratitude to his neighbor is disgusting. What's more, it's not even logical when Christians make such statements: If God imbued us with that all-important free will, how is God then the one to praise when the neighbor uses said free will to do something generous? God, by the very nature of that free will, necessarily has nothing to do with what actions we take and isn't responsible for the kindness the neighbor proffered.


What a slap in his neighbor's face. I don't doubt that he thanked the neighbor profusely and I would hope he didn't regale the neighbor with a lot of god is good crap, thus lessening his generosity. Nonetheless, it is aggravating when they use it in telling their story. It is belittling.


All the good in a christian's life comes from god.

All the trouble and grief in a christians life comes from satan, or foul 'non-believers', of from the sinful christian himself.

That keeps christians firmly in their place. As sinners who need god's blessing to avoid hell, they have to be GOOD little christians and grovel. And pay, of course - pay LOTS.

But then you get this nonsense. A neighbour is a good man, and instead of seeing where the gratitude should properly lie, the christian insists on giving god credit for his neighbour's decency.

It's like someone doing you a favour, and your response being, 'You've done that for me? Good. I'll just go and thank my dog.'

The problem is that the truly religious don't even REALISE they're being arseholes.


lol Same reaction as yours. That kind neighbor should be made aware. 😛


This goes in my pet peeve of 'god helped me win against so-and-so'....not exactly, but it rubs me the wrong way...first of all, if you are able to plow your own driveway, maybe you shouldn't take advantage of your position and have someone else do it...would his neighbor have done it if he wasn't the pastor? But really, don't let someone else do something you can do yourself, unless you are going to reciprocate, ya lazy sod!...hehe

From what I know, the neighbor has a truck with a plow attached , while my Nephew only has a good 'ole snow shovel.

oh, well, that's skin off either of their noses then....but yeah, perhaps some thanks for the neighbor would be nice. Does 'god' get thanks for dumping the snow, too? He gets it comin' and going...what a racket....haha

@JohnnyThorazine The Lord dumpeth the lord taketh away ... 😉

@ZebZaman hahaha!


My example being an athlete is when professional athletes do something special, grab their crotches in arogance and then praise god for their sports blessings.

hey, man, back off of my analogy....hehe

I asked a super religious body builder how many hours I should spend in the gym and the church if I wanted to be cut like he was. He was not happy with my question.



Like the person that had a sick kid. The doctor gave them medicine. Kid got better. Parent thanked her god instead of the doctor.

Or the lady who’s sister (or some relative) who died in a house fire, but praised her god because a bible survived.

yeah ... forget the sister - I got my bible !


I would do something nice for the neighbor-his generousity should be rewarded.

Express Pass to Heaven?

Three extra sins forgiven at no extra charge.

I was thinking of baked goods- a fruitcake lol. No an apple pie.


Sounds like a good neighbor. Return the favor in some way and be a good neighbor. 🙂

Betty Level 7 Dec 13, 2017

Pay the neighbor.

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