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Is it disturbing that people would actually eat cracker pieces to represent the flesh of Jesus and red juice to drink his blood?

My little cousin, who is only 5 years old came back from church last Sunday and she told me that she thought it was weird and gross at the same time that people would pretend to eat a dead man’s body. She asked me,” Why would adults have imagery friends? I thought imagery friends were for little kids.” I could not help myself but laugh at what she said. I finally told her,” Sometimes people grow up and are made to believe in something, even though it isn’t true. Kind of how kids believe in Santa. Only thing is with religious people, they simply never grow up.” She laughed and told me,” Someday I hope to be just like you.” I was even was always disturbed by people getting the Holy Ghost and eating the flesh and drinking the blood of a supposed dead person. What was always your view on people eating the flesh and drinking the blood of Jesus Christ?

EmeraldJewel 7 Dec 13

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Not as disturbing as the fact that some believe it truely does turn into flesh and blood in their mouth. Not just figuratively.

Though it begs the question, what part of the flesh do they believe their eating? The bible has a crazy obsession with foreskin so maybe that? Lolz!

Lol I was in the middle of drinking tea when I scrolled across your comment and about spit out my drink! The foreskins obsession is pushing it to the max in the Bible.

Now that's really disgusting.


It's pretty F-ed up they make kids do plays with jesus on the cross dying. Your cousin is going places in life. Smart kid.

Yes, I’m very proud of her. Thank you, by the way.

You're welcome. It's 3:30 am. Why are you up early? I fell asleep at 7:30 pm and woke up at 2:30 am.

I couldn’t sleep. I was too busy up and thinking about my cousin and what her future holds for her.

I'm so inundated from a busy day at work.


If your cousin is Catholic, it is worse. Other Christians it is only symbolic.The catholic priests are transforming the wine and bread to actual blood of Christ and body of Christ.


Gross, perhaps.

Stupid, certainly.


tbh i always wanted to eat that cracker as a kid


there crackers and juiced up


Years ago, I was writing a book called "The Blasphemer's Guide To The Bible." In it i reinterpreted the wine=jesus blood (or jesus juice), Cracker's=jesus flesh as him saying "EAT ME, YOU BASTARDS!!!" as they were dragging him off to be beaten and crucified....when it was time to put the experience to paper, it was collectively decided that this may give a bad spin on the whole thing, so now we have to be cannibals to be proper xstians. The end.



It’s also disgusting ,a priest putting his hand in one persons mouth one after another .When I was one of these brainwashed victims,it reminded me of a line of mindless sheep .

Yes ,and before swallowing one of these communion crackers you had to confess your sins to a priest . It was so stupid that most of the time I couldn’t even think of anything I did wrong


It's just social engineering. I don't care what people wish to believe as long as it's not made mandatory for the rest of us to also do so....or that we have to be involved in a nuclear holocaust because some religious idiot thinks it's the prophesied "Second Coming".


This is a Catholic belief,the later Protestant Church does not go with it.

Funnily enough when Paul was preaching about the "Christ" cult way back 2000 years ago the reaction of Jews to the idea that a dead person came back to life would have been just as repulsive.I don't believe he was teaching that in any case, more likely that Jesus was risen in spirit only not the flesh.There is a whole theological debate about that if you want to dive into it.


Sure, but there are many far more disturbing things about Christianity. The cracker and grape juice are going to have to get in line.


You should be proud that she trusted you enough to make the comment. I thought the same thing when I was a little kid, but couldn't voice my opinion on that subject.


Vampires and werewolves anyone?


Disturbing indeed, but not so much on a religion in which your only hope for salvation was one, just one, of the many crucified in those times. The very sight of a cross is a reminder of both the brutality and implausibility of the xian cult as a whole.

Emerald, I am VERY impressed by your progress since you've joined us. Your explanation of communion to your cousin was both age appropriate and straight to the point!

I commend may have "saved" the girl from a lifetime of fear and delusion!


well there all laws against eating spoiled meat.


If you ask someone "do you believe in human sacrifice?" I'm sure they would be aghast and tell you 'NO!".

However, when you tell someone that they are practicing and glorifying human sacrifice by what they do in church, suddenly it's not so bad. We can lie to ourselves on any subject if we want to.


Cannibalism u damn savages


And here's a photo I saw today at Funny or Die.


No matter what Christians may say, it is an adaptation from religions that used "blood magic".


I remember a comedian saying one church was offering the health-conscious diet wafers in place of the usual Lord's Supper fare. He said they were calling them "I Can't Believe It's Not Jesus".



Hmmm... I always had reservations about this but went with the flow of things. I thought others had it all figured out and they determined this was what we're suppose to do. Not today though.

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