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Ever date someone that was someone special?

I was 18 dating a girl in texas. Her family were the Dunlops of Dunlop tires. Skinny little girl 20 years old... she could play that piano. I found out later when i was over seas. I quit writing her because i got crazy for another girl who became my first wife. Yeah... i could of been Bob

By BucketlistBob8
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That's fare.


You might still be making tires now Bob. smile008.gif

Paul628 Level 8 May 16, 2018

Lol... yeah... and sweeping the


Everybody I dated was special.

kenriley Level 8 May 16, 2018



Bob, honey, we're all speshiul. Just not famous or infamous.

Awww shucks.... your so right. My joke point was i could of been Bob another words taking her last name instead of mine.


Couple of friends and I went to Malibu to work in the summer when I was a freshman in college. One of my friends was Sweet on Mr. Heinz granddaughter. there was no shortage of material to tease him with.

hankster Level 9 May 16, 2018

That's cool..

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