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Who would you love see become the next President?

Anyone...who would be your choice?

lkahleski 6 May 16

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A functional adult with a working knowledge of science and facts and governance.


I campaigned for Bernie, voted for Hillary in the general when Bernie lost the primary. I would love either Bernie or Liz, but Kamala is smart, attractive and driven. The lesson we need to learn is to put viable candidate with low "negatives". Kamala is that person. Hillary had high negatives, unfairly assigned but still caused her loss. Liz has high negatives and Bernies are rising (that hurts, he has been right on every issue for decades). Tulsi Gabbert, Joe Biden, Kirsten Gillibrand, Amy Klobuschar, even the governor of Minnesota sounds good. All low negatives.


Elizabeth Warren


Elizabeth !!!!!! (I am not sure she could be elected. But this is a wish list, right?) Obama (and Michelle) were great in every way...except one...Obama came in trying to compromise with congressmen who had no intention of ever doing that. They played him as a sucker. And he did not have the balls to fight back. You can almost see Eizabeth's swingin' when she enters a room. And I believe she has an unwavering passion for justice. (Bernie, you will always be great in my mind as well, but sometimes I am afraid the check you want to write could bounce.)


I've been a democratic socialist for almost 50 years. So, I love Bernie's policies. But, I think it's time for a new generation to take over. Kamala Harris? Somebody not really on the radar yet? Obama came from a long way away to win two terms. Liked his personality and integrity. Not too fond of his policies, although I realize he was blocked by Congress for most of his two terms.


At this point, anybody besides DT.

Careful what you wish for. Do you really want Mike Pence?

@moNOtheist No. But I'm so sick of hearing about Trump I could puke.


Loved Bernie LOVE BERNIE, uncomfortably voted for Hilary, would HAPPILY get behind Warren, would be okay with Harris.


I would love to see Obama again which is not possible but Hilary might be my next choice


Gary Johnson.

But, alas, he is adamant that he will not run. I would vote for Larry Sharpe, but he's busy running for NY Guv. Not sure who else might throw their hat in the ring.


sanders or michelle


Some who really doesn't want to be. Someone without the egotistical lust for recognition or driven by demons born in the void where a sense of self-esteem and self-acceptance should be.
For starters...


Bernie, Elizabeth, Joe Kennedy is making quite a name for himself.


Anyone with a DD214 not convicted like the named oliver north.

@ProudMerry you got my vote, my support and my attention!

@ProudMerry exactly, your state lost.


None, or me.


If one rates each of the Presidents over the past 30-40 years as a plus or minus (be honest, not hateful), one will notice a downhill trend. In which case, does it matter? Our government is slowly feeding on itself.


An open unabashed Atheist would be nice (I know there have been a few in the past that their views have been purged from history) and that is unrealistic at this time. Realistically I'd like to see Robert Reich, he did great things for the economy during the Clinton administraton. Many of the most successful politicians had been professors and teachers at some point and wouldn't mind seeing another. Like Elizabeth Warren. But still I am a Canadian citizen so I can't vote anyway. My opinion is irrelevant even if I live here. My husband is American so he has to do the voting for the both of us.


None. The whole system is rigged.

A proper, dynamic democracy instead.


Elizabeth Warren!!!!!


I want Bill or Obama back. Screw the rules. No one else seems to care.


Someone who is NOT a Republican and NOT a Democrat!!!!

I'd vote for Gary Johnson again if he would decide to run, but so far he has adamantly stated he is not interested in running for 2020. Larry Sharpe is busy running for Governor of NY. Undecided regarding any others who may choose to seek the Libertarian nomination.


Hillary, Bernie, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Michelle Obama. Oh you said anyone? Barack Obama, Bill Clinton

Seriously, the list just goes on and on. After DT, I'll be ok with any Democrat at this point.




If Bernie runs again I'll for him again 100%


While I rather like Trump I still voted for Gary Johnson last time. I would love to see what radical libertarians like Arvin Vorha our John McAfee could bring but realistically someone like Rand Paul stands a better chance. Even he'd struggle over even Ted Cruz who while I hated his religious bs in the primary he seems to have dropped post election showing it was probably just the standard Republican bs to win the central states.

So I guess Ted Cruz?

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