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Good one!!!

Arasmuson 6 Dec 14

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Trevor Noah is part of the Resistance. He and Colbert and Kimmel and Meyers. Oh, and SNL, of course. <3


Well said. 🙂

Betty Level 7 Dec 14, 2017

Its only Temporary. Alabama is blue only because of current circumstances.

holding their breath?

That's the same thing I'm saying.

Twshield, stop being a pessimist.

come on guys, we are talking about alabama not freakin California! Its great Doug Jones got the seat but he will not be in it long enough to keep it

@twshield Pessimist. 🙂


That is a GREAT one!!


Well, why people associate republican and religion? I am a "devote Atheist" and a registered repunlican.

Heh, I associate level of education with being a republican. Lower education = republican.

I have no idea what a repunlican is though...

I think there are a variety of issues at play. Statistics, for one, just in terms of conservative vs. liberal views about religion in general and the likelihood that a liberal person is more likely to be secular (not necessarily atheist or agnostic) and a conservative person is more likely to adhere to the unchanging, black-and-white assurances promised by religion. Granted, liberal and conservative don't map perfectly to Democrat and Republican, but there's significant overlap. Another reason, I think, is because conservative Christians and evangelicals have promoted themselves as the voice of the Republican party and the arbiters of morality and family values. Essentially, they've hijacked the party and almost all Republican candidates, but specifically those in the South, feel they must cater to the conservative Christian base to get elected.

But, as you pointed out, not all Republicans are religious. Not all believe in God. Not all accept the rigid authority of a church. I suspect, though I'm just surmising, that you're more moderate in your politics than most devoutly religious Republicans, and you probably think a bit more critically about issues before jumping in to support a particular candidate or agenda. I think the further from center people get on any side, the more likely they are to have knee-jerk reactions and vote a party line.

People have very "individual" definitions. I have 40 credits above my Master and I am a republican.

ressert, I enjoyed reading your answer. About me and politics....I go for the issues. With Trump was immigration (the system needs to be changed), the illegals (need to be deported), Obamacare (nobody wants this one) and the particular case of the Muslims. You have to live under the HORROR of terrorism (I was born /lived in Argentina) to understand why these people are dangerous

What is a "devote atheist"? One who doesn't vote? And what is a "registered repunlican'? A conservative jokester?


The Dallas Morning News ran an article this morning saying that the Republicans may have dodged a bullet. That maybe it's worth giving up a senate seat, not to have Moore become the face of the Republican Party.

What do you Think?

It sure would have required a lot more rodeo clowns

They say it after the fact. I doesn't count.


Like it.


That it is.

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