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How does Religion affect Views of Palestine/Israel?

To what extent is sympathy for Palestinians reduced because most are Muslim? Unfortunately, the resistance has taken on an Islamic character whereas before it was secular. Formerly, many Palestinian Christians and atheists (e.g. the PFLP) were resistance leaders. Conversely, to what extent is Israel supported as way for the West to expunge its murderous history against Jews?

Krish55 7 May 17

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Religion is of course not the only reason for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But it is certainly an important one. Without the hard-line Jewish religious zealots Israel would probably not be building settlements in the West Bank. And without hard-line American religious zealots the American government wouldn't be so pro-Israel. Without religion, peace would still not be easy, but it would have a chance.

Religion is a pretext for “land grab” in the Middle East. Period.

Car Melo...getting MERRY LITTLE BIBLE. Looking forward to the read and possibilities of “gifting” to the clueless.


As Americans are so in love with Jews (God knows why, but that is another subject of discussion), they should have given them a piece of one of their western deserts, as they both flatter themselves that they know how to make them bloom, and leave the Middle East Arab tribes to what they do best: Kill each other!


Lots of your Tax Dollars are supporting Israel. I was there last year and the Palestinians are as human as you could ever want. We have the same problem over here with race but it has just begun to get the same publicity as the Israel/Palestine problem. If you knew the amount of money we give to Israel you wouldn't be so naive concerning what is going on in the Middle East.

I hope you did not go to Israel on holiday... That would be like holidaying in Poland or Czechoslovakia in 1941 !


my lack of religion has nothing to do with the feeling of outrage at how israel has treated its indigenous people . sorta like we did to the american indians funnily enough


How deep "in the weeds" do we want to go here?

Let's start with a joke, the closer these religious groups are, the more bitter they are to each other. Look at the Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland. Basically, they're yelling "KNELLING bastards" at the Catholics.

The problem with the fundamental Christians in the US (who have no love for Jews) is that, until the Jews are in charge of Temple Mount, the Rapture can't happen. Bush Jr was (and likely still is) a fundamentalist, and rumour is, he seriously believed that it was his destiny to bring this about.

I find it difficult to believe that President Trump believes this himself, but he is beholden to the Fundamentalists, and does whatever the last person he talked to wants. So, his support of Israel shouldn't surprise us.

Ozman Level 7 May 17, 2018

A friend told me about going to an atheist meet up this week and encountering a man with an anti-Israel T-shirt who expressed angry anti-Semitic views, including Holocaust denial. She and another woman started to argue with him but he was not rational and she ended up walking out upset. Definitely not what we typically expect in atheist groups.


I actually got to visit that region once and it was a pretty cool place not only because of how different it was just the felling that "here is the exact spot that the incident that will happen that will end the world will occur"

So many faiths that hate each other, such extreme temperatures, so much high military technology, such a complex web of historical alliances. This is it: the spot that will end the human race one day.


I find the entire Middle East a dumpster fire because of religion. Only time and tiredness will ever solve these issues for good, but in the meantime I think intelligent diplomacy and containment will minimize mortalities and that's the best we can hope for.

@Mortal Do leave orangutans out of this: They are 10 times more intelligent in the way they interact with each other and with their environment than not only your president, but than most human beings too!

@Mortal I am DEFINITELY not one of the feces-flinging tangerine shitgibbon's supporters. My post said INTELLIGENT Diplomacy. However, Schumer and a few other liberal icons seem to have supported this move early on when there was no chance it would actually happen. Apparently they wanted to pay lip service to the idea without risk of the obvious incitement to further violence moving the embassy would obviously promote. They counted on having a sane individual in the Oval Office who would NOT do it. Things are even worse now with the loathsome Bolton installed as NSA.

@LoneJungle, in deference to your post, I omitted all references to the noble Orangutan and opted instead for the much more species specific tangerine shitgibbon.


Since I would assume that no one here is religious, religion does not affect our views at all.


The whole affair has become so hopelessly convoluted that I think everyone should just be moved out and then, when the area is completely devoid of humans it should be razed to the ground and given back to nature. Enough is enough.

No Joke: i have long advocated just that: we give people a one year warning and after the year is up, we nuke it and make a glass bowl of the hole area.

you are forgetting the innocent indigenous people : the palestinians

I have often wished for some Chernobyl-style disaster to happen in Jerusalem. Everyone would have to be evacuated and nobody could go back for ten thousand years. No Wailing Wall, no AL-Aqsa mosque, no Tomb of Jesus, no "eternal, indivisible capital". People might find something more useful to do with their energy.

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