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What topics do you gravitate towards within this community?

Are there any you avoid? and why?

I usually find myself in many of the social science topics, and then of course random and humorous topics are enjoyable. Just recently I realized that I may need to be more selective, even within the topics I enjoy. I discovered one thread of conversation that was so fractured by missing content, due to mutual blocking, that I obviously decided to avoid it.

Stacey48 8 May 18

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Any that explores intelligent discourse. I find most people here are much deeper than those on facebook. I appreciate culling the wheat from the shaft. Atheist seem to have more to talk about than average religious people.

*chaff (Not to be didactic.)


Discussions about personal philosophies mostly, but also art and humor. I enjoy exploratory discussions, but avoid spats because they are not productive.

skado Level 9 May 18, 2018

Thanks, and likewise.


Health and Happiness and Love and Relationships. I get to all the topics, but I have an order in which I do so. OCD?

Deb57 Level 8 May 18, 2018

anything that grabs my attention


Which ever strikes a response.


I pretty much go by the post more than the subject. I avoid all subjects about children as l have no children, and have no practical experience with such. I didn't block for a long time, now l liberally block all gun nuts, Trumpettes, and male bashers. I have heard all their crap. It never changes, so what is the point?

with you on that


Ha ha ha Lol...why..can't we all just get along?


Although, a thread like that could make for some comedy gold.


It depends on what time of day it is. During the day or early evening I like the philosophical or science posts. Or maybe relationships. Late at night, I often have the TV on, and my brain is tired, and I go with the lighter stuff. I tend to avoid a lot of the political stuff, because it depresses me, and I hear enough about it everywhere else. And I'm always up for funny stuff.

@Stacey48 I used to have that problem more often, but the medication I take for my peripheral neuropathy seems to have solved it.


I need to laugh a lot, so memes it is!?

Emme Level 7 May 18, 2018

I'm not sure exactly what I gravitate towards, but I do avoid most religious topics because I'm just tired of the topic, as well as philosophy and meaning because... it never seems to really go anywhere. lol


I tend to hang out more in the polls and academic subsections, but I drift around the other subs, too (a few more than others).

I'm interested in most everything so I read tons of threads, but if I don't feel I can add a useful comment, or at least a humorous quip, to a topic I won't comment


I like silly harmless posts that can go either way depending on the person and what makes them tic.

I like food posts

Im starting to stop answering anything to do with appearances. Another words .... describing a whew!


I steer away from any posts that deal with politics. And that should answer the why part as well. But since I don’t agree with the majority (apparently), I got attacked and even when I said that I wasn’t going to argue my point and wished the person a good day, they continued to be nasty. So I blocked them and deleted my comment so I didn’t have to continue the conversation with others.

As for posts that I like to talk about, it’s mostly ones that are looking for advice. Especially with younger members. Mostly because I live (and have nearly always lived in accept for my time in the Army) in the city that’s in the Guinness Book of World Records as having the most churches per square capita. And I believe then as I did now. So I can relate, share my experience and my knowledge with that generation as far as dealing with intolerant jerk offs.

And, like you, I also enjoy humorous threads as well. Sadly, I haven’t found that many. But still, I look forward to them.


All of them excluding Politics !


I like things I'm familiar with which goes without saying I suppose, but rarely offer an opinion on something outside my experience (or reading material).
I avoid emotionally charged confrontation with the wilfully ignorant (god worshipping science deniers, flerfers, and dictator worshippers, for example).

I suppose I really didn't answer the question, did I?
Astrophysics, genetics, quantum mechanics, electronics (building/repairing them), evolutionary in general.
I don't like talking about the weather or sports (or imaginary mythological beings, either, but I will discuss how convoluted the Bible is as I've studied it at great length.
Classical music, mechanics (not automotive), etc.
Pretty much any subject that is not only based on emotion


The section on the page called 'Similar Posts', I glance at those and if the first few words grab me I'll have a look. After that probably, general, humour, polls, science (in no particular order), I also look at the groups I'm in 🙂

@Stacey48 I can't keep up with it to be honest but it's mostly intelligent and thoughtful 🙂


Science. Academics. They are the only topics with which I feel comfortable. I have 5 college degrees and have been a professor for more than 25 years. I was married/had the same partner for 28 years and he abandoned me for another woman. I know this is also a dating site, but I feel like I would fall short of what any man is looking for.


Dogs, lol, could talk about them all the time Also politics when I feel I need a headache. Science Fiction, Real Science, space travel. football and currently anyone who wants to save the Expanse. Since being on here I have actually been brushing up on my history and Space science was feeling pretty darn rusty.


I like politics


Topics I gravitate to are: science, history, movies, books, poetry, the arts, TV shows, and politics


I avoid most postings by males but keep the Feminist men and treasure the Atheist women

@Stacey48 yes but what others are doing more than brief observations and jokes ? I'm seriously romantically seeking a mate not casual dating titillating for trial thrills ....thank you nice to be affirmed


They have topics here? You know, I once heard they have articles in playboy too...

Hutch Level 7 May 18, 2018

@Stacey48 THERE ARE WORDS??? Oh my gosh!!
I think you're joking with me... next you'll say you found a Republican Christian that makes sense...

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