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Which sea creature creeps you out the most?

Mine would probably have to be an octopus. I swear those things arrived here on Earth years ago from out of space lol. It’s creepy the knowledge octopus are capable of having and their ability to open jars to either escape or to catch their food and their ability to escape through drains.

EmeraldJewel 7 May 19

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None of them, but, I truly despise humans who mess with them for their own amusement. I'd like to trophy hunt those assholes, with no remorse.

I agree!


Jelly fish... your doomed if the right one clings on.



Humans are the creepiest sea creatures.


I love octopi. they're such incredible creatures. I'm a scuba diver, so I've seen quite a few critters, from tiny crabs to luminous jellyfish to big sharks. the scariest to me are the jelly fish - they sting!!! the creature I do not wish to encounter is the sea snake - their bite is almost always fatal, and well. .snake.. Eels are cool though. Weird right?

Oh good, someone who knows the correct plural of octopus. I have been

@buzz13 []

@MollyBell A bit confusing, but it is octopi, right?

@buzz13 I like and use octopi, but it's technically incorrect, I think. I guess octopuses is more correct, but let's go with either.


The people on beach killing sea creatures by taking selfies with them.


I like octopodes. To me, angler fish are creepy with those teeth and those dead-looking eyes.


Sponge Bob Square Pants.That is one scary dude.


motor boats

Florida Manatees get ripped by them.


Those Angler Fish are too crazy!! All of those sharp teeth!!


Probably an octopus or squid. There is no getting away from them. Fish and even sharks don't have 8 arms that can grab you and crush you or pull you into their mouths and eat you. Tentacles are an added freak factor to sea creatures for me. As if they needed more of an advantage. Plus, they're extremely smart.

Their knowledge is something that terrifies me.


I am a sailor for life, floating at sea was my habitat. No Fear.


Octopi have blood based on copper so it is green blood. They also have 5 lobed brains!!

They are too cool, fascinating creatures


Moray eels! Even the babies are ugly!


Octopus and Squid are very aggressive fish or animals and can't fit thru or in drains cause they don't have much of bones if any., a Fish that creeps me out would be something like a sting ray, cause they bury themselves in the ocean floor alot of times,one of the most fascinating is the sea stars or star fish

What about hagfish? Those things are slimy nasty.

@Condor5 don't know what they look like?

@ScienceBill72 basically, just a regular fish, but they secrete a very heavy, mucus-like film as a kind of defense mechanism, I think. Very gross. They're not particularly large.

@Condor5 i see , doesn't sound to good, i still think sturgeon are reasonably high on the ugly fish list


The octopus is fascinating, and unique, and might as well be an extraterrestrial transplant... Big sharks take the prize for me, though. I've never had an incident with one, or know anyone personally that has; but the thought of them being in the same water with me creeps me out.


For me it has to be the merpeople--mermaids and mermen. How do they urinate and defecate?

Duh, the same way fish do?

@HoracioM Yep, the same way fish do "do-do". Clever aren't I?......LOL. I crack me up.........hahahaha


Just read an article in the news about that, some scientists are claiming they are panspermia. On the other hand I like Octopi.


Not sure anything actually creeps me out but taking on board 'All things bright and beautiful' the angler fish is an ugly little spud

Aw, but check this out!

@Remi Excellent 🙂


I love most sea creatures but I worked at an Aquarium for 6 years so I'm biased. Octopuses are a favorite, they are so smart and curious. They would come up and say hi when we fed them. I could do without some of the multitudes of creepy worms there are in the ocean though.

Remi Level 7 May 20, 2018

Their knowledges amaze yet terrify me if that makes since.


Giant squid are creepy, and pretty scary; they can be very aggressive and will sometimes swarm. I like octopi, they're really smart, it seems.


Megolodons are the scariest. They can open up their giant jaws and chew you up before you even see them coming, just a flash of teeth and then death. I can't stay mad tho. Megolodons are the coolest.

Yeah, but they're extinct so you're safe ?


I love observing most animals and plants while not eating the semi-sentient species. ...the animal that creeps me out the most is the xian, muslim, hindu, buddhist, jain, sikh, jew and animist animals while most Atheists here make me proud of our critical thinking brains inside our skulls empty of faiths



And they have a beak!



Any sea creature that can eat me freaks me out but this particular sea creature I would never want to meet.

Thanks for the nightmares! ?


None really creep me out. There are a lot of fascinating species in our oceans, and many are, but there are none to be creeped out over.

I think that if the giant octopus could live on land, we would be its servants.

JimG Level 8 July 29, 2018
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