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LINK A dragon to behold

One of the reasons I still visit FB

By btroje9
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Is that a monitor lizard on a leash?! Macaroni!

pixiedust Level 8 May 20, 2018


@btroje Macaroni with cheese! I wonder how you house train them? Can you imagine the size of the terrarium - must have been custom built.

@pixiedust totally. i follow a few of these people and they surrender entire rooms to their friends

@pixiedust THey must be just like kittens

@btroje Kittens? Perhaps, although I doubt they climb the curtains, but maybe ...

@pixiedust kidding about the kittens. I might post one more of this guy scratching its neck while its hissing (like a kitten)


trained or not, aren't they poisonous?

this isnt a komodo. They are heavily laden with bacteria.

@btroje Agama of some sort then? Sure looks like a Komodo! It's hard to judge size in that shot...

@btroje Nevermind, I just saw Pixiedust's post...

@Johnsalterego I just posted another photo of the owner holding him so you can get an idea about size

@Johnsalterego Varanus panoptes


out for a walk? no, naw, un-uh.

hankster Level 9 May 20, 2018

Yeah, I don't want to find him in my garden, or street, or outside any glassed in enclosure.

I too am in the hell no response with this. I am only looking at photos and it lives in Taiwan


Whew... thats not a lap dog for

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