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What should I do when someone talks about my atheism like a mental disorder?

Zoro 3 Dec 16

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I think more context is needed to offer any kind of suggestion. I have friends that are theist that will say things like that. I don't take offense. I assume they have limited exposure to atheist. My goal is to break the stereotype of the Imagine in their head. But if I was at a bar and someone over heard a conversation and started jumping in with that kind of stuff... It would be a different reaction.

JeffB Level 6 Feb 17, 2018

What will you want to do? Do you feel threatened by the diagnosis?


Bite their kid.

I don't know that it's ever been insinuated to my face that I have a mental disorder. Well, not because of my being an atheist anyways.
I've been told I am wrong and that I will come to realize that when I am burning in hell for all eternity. But, I've learned a lot of things the hard way so...


Believing only that for which there is supporting evidence is realism, not a disorder.


You always can direct then to visit the "Clergy Project"...a website for guys who have left the priesthood. Enlightening.


They don't have room to talk what with their imaginary friends and all.

But they do....and if you pay attention you will see they get infuriated, they insult you, call you ignorant with an intensity that grows with each fact you present to them. Their fear of being wrong takes over; the saddest part is they aren't even aware they are scared.
I let them I do with any person affected by idiocy or any other mental disease.

They think they have room to talk but they don't


I either walk away or say "Interesting, especially coming from a person who worships an imaginary friend."


laugh and then using logic explain to them that "true believers" are the ones with the mental disorder.


Any energy you'd spend would be a win for them. I've learned long ago not to engage in meaningless arguments trying to prove a point to someone that doesn't have the ability to understand. Smirk and walk away.

Grim Level 4 Dec 16, 2017

Shoot them and claim mental disability.

godef Level 7 Dec 16, 2017

Ask them if they posess a degree in psychology and request to see the credentials which gives them the background and authority to evaluate your mental stability.


Tell them you know an entire website full of non believers , welcome them to come challenge a vast amount of very intense intelectuales.


Express empathy and share some studies, or just ignore them. Maybe parts of this first link will help. If your life is in any danger, or your livelihood, I wouldn't encourage sharing the studies.

Research has found that being exposed to criticism of one’s cultural worldview increases the accessibility of death-related thoughts, while defending one’s cultural worldview by derogating its critics reduces the accessibility of such thoughts (Burke, Martens, & Faucher, 2010).


Here's an abstract to one of the studies which included two eye-opening experiments you can download:


You may also want to share this:

"Hyperreligiosity is a major feature of mania, obsessive-compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, temporal-lobe epilepsy and related disorders, in which the ventromedial dopaminergic systems are highly activated"


I was going to mention that hyperreligisiosity can featured in mental illness. Thank you for providing a link.

Thanks for the link


Start worshiping Satan, because apparently it's a step up.


Whip it out and start peeing on their leg or shoes (for women). That will make them go away and leave you alone.


Talk about their religion as a mental disorder...IF you can do so safely!

If not, its just time to stop discussing religion with him...or anything at all, for that matter!


Atheist are open minded to religon

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