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Who has Lyme disease?

I know only 2 of us.

BucketlistBob 8 May 21

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My dog and she is very sick.

Awww man... im sorry.

@BucketlistBob Thanks just came from vet and they said that she is showing signs of recovery.

I wish we had the heart like or the sad like as on Facebook. Doesn’t feel right to give this a thumbs up.

@vita Thank you for the thumbs up


A dog that lives down the street.

That's funny... I hope you never get it. Its something that effects people in different ways. Its unique and troublesome. Some people have to move because of its effect on them.

@BucketlistBob I don't know much about the disease. I know it comes from ticks. The dog's doing fine. Thanks for asking.

@AstralSmoke. Your welcome brother.

Pets are more likely to get diagnosed with and treated for Lyme. The vets are ahead of the MDs where this disease is concerned.


I asked on the Autoimmune Disorders and Rare group, so I'm aware of four of us here on the forum. Plus there are probably some, differently labeled, who don't know they have Lyme. I walked around incorrectly diagnosed for 28 years.

vita Level 7 May 21, 2018

Let them know about me. You may share my information to them in a message. Please don't post it.

@BucketlistBob I followed them after they replied to my question, but aside from that, I'm not interacting with them. At least not yet.


I love lymes, especially in my Vodka ?

Would MUCH rather have that lime.

Your saying lyme or limes. Big difference there.

All in the spelling ? Lol

@vita Coconut is not bad either. But "coconut disease'? never heard of it. 😉

That is when one falls on your head !

@VAL3941 Never walk underneath a coconut tree 🙂.

Yeah ! Gravity will hurt you !


not i.


Thanks for speaking up... i must of scared tge rest or they found it not worth the time to

Perhaps. Or maybe they just didn't see the question.

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