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LINK Study Shows Canadian Women Think Being Bilingual Is Sexier Than Having A 6-Pack - MTL Blog

Sorry ladies, this guy is taken....

Lukian 8 May 21

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Bonjour! Je parle français aussi bien que l’anglais. Mais pas de « six pack ». ?

that's sly... Lol


So you're saying I should have moved to Canada????... Well, in my defense I didn't know any better (Je ne connaissais pas mieux )(Não conhecia melhor)(No tenia idea)(Ik wist niet beter).... Now you tell me this when my better days are almost gone ... By the way, Canadian women are beautiful

actually I am only saying: I'm a man, living in Canada that is bilingual without a six pack yet unavailable.

@Lukian oh well I am too old for that adventure anyway.... ??????

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