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I am agnostic about god. I have a flickering hope that maybe, just maybe there is a god and a life after death. Is this foolishness?

RichKifer 3 Dec 16

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Keep the hope if it brings you peace. Because no "real god" has revealed itself and apparently has no intention of doing so, I see no need to concern myself with it as I have in the past.

As elusive as it may be, seek the TRUTH. Besides the obvious "universal truths" shared by most religions, it may very logically occur to you religions of the world are mostly myths and tools of social engineering.


total and utter. take a look at a skunk dead on the road. does that skunk get a second chance ? NO, NOT , NEVER. what makes you so special ??


Based on your question, I would say that it is important to recognise that if you care about the question, is there life after death, then you will adopt one of two ways of thinking. 1 you care about the truth, or 2 you care about what you want to be the truth. The first one requires you to go out and look at any evidence that says there is an afterlife (if you find any let me know as I haven't heard of any), and then see if that evidence stands up to scrutiny (it won't as if it did then we would all beleive). If you choose number 2 then you would be forming an opinion based on assumptions, bias and prejudice. If you care about the truth then the truth is the only reward you get. Just recognise the difference between the two is all I am saying.

Also, If death is the end, you won't have to worry as you won't be able to


yes, and irrational. gods are man made, look at the thousands invented over time. and why they were invented, clearly man made out of fear ignorance, and false answers.

as far as an after life, why would a dead brain allow you to leave and live on? when clearly we see what happens to a person with brain damage , or disease . that person is no longer who they were. what happens to them after death, do they live on a an eternal retard?


That flickering darkness will eventually go away, and you will bathe in the full light of ideological freedom!


That depends on who you ask. If you ask me, the answer is, yes.


If it makes you feel good, I am happy for you. This world is a cold and tough place, I am all for whatever gives you peace and helps you make it through the day. If it does that then it isn't foolishness.


Can't prove there is a god and can't prove there isn't. There is no evidence that one ever existed, too many previous gods and too many stories borrowed from them. So it is not foolish until proof is presented. 🙂

Betty Level 7 Dec 17, 2017

hmmm, in an infinite universe, you can't prove the non existence of anything, so God is no more likely at this point than any other non existent thing. One thing I am certain of that is that the God of the Bible does not exist, he was invented by man some 14 billion years after our earliest reference point for the universe.

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