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Suppose someone said that their deeply held religious beliefs were in opposition to all war, and therefore refused to serve members of the military in their shop. How do you suppose the conservatives would react?

JerryPetersen 5 Dec 16

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Sigh! Alas, irony is lost on these people.


They'd go batshit crazy. Because conservatives love the military. Except when they threaten to kill military members in their delusional freedum insurrection. Same with cops -badgebunnies until the cops don't agree with their looney-tune politics. Then they are the "jack-booted enemies of freedum". What I want to see is a surgeon refusing to perform a life-saving operation on some GOP klown for "religious reasons".


Wow, something to think about

marzi Level 2 Dec 24, 2017

my shop would have no problem with the soldiers as they are making very little gain for almost maximum sacrifice. I'd ban all the board members of all the arms manufacturers and their sales people


They'd have a field day with it. I'm sure they would be protesting with signs-threaten boycott, get Fox news to cover it.


I live in the most religious state, and in very military saturated communities along the whole gulf coast. They are seen everywhere in uniform and would be very easy targets for discrimination. So, if it were to happen here, I suspect that the anti-women and anti-LGBT bill (HB1523) that is now law would quickly be eliminated by conservative lawmakers. Mississippi would lose MAJOR bucks as military bases would likely close and relocate to a less hostile state.


Quakers were persecuted for it.


like they react to any logic, they loose there minds and get emotional.


They just lost a sell. If it was the only place to get a special thing then I would report it to the judge advocate. They would put a black ball on it. We military feed a lot of towns people. Anyway you don't take these matters on by yourself. All military know the protocal. Go through the chain of command.


They would hate it. They would hate and demonize the shop owner. They would not see the logical contradiction in their belief


Not all that well, I'm sure. However, members of the military are not all that easy to spot unless in uniform -- and that's kind of rare most of the time.

You never worked in an airport or lived near a military base I assume.

@ollieberry - First, your assumption is incorrect. Second, there are voluminous regulations regarding wearing of the uniform. Those regs are rigid in most instances, although the base CO may countermand them (just the when and where, not the how) for certain reasons and/or occasions.

It is because of these regs so many uniforms are seen at airports, bus depots, and train stations. It is also why uniforms are frequently seen in towns where bases are located and why they are not seen most of the time in other civilian situations. That is why I said ' uniform -- and that's kind of rare...'.

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