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LINK 5 Stupid Questions Women ask Men - Connie Podesta, CSP, CPAE - YouTube

Don't comment if you didn't watch the video please. I am not a woman hating man child. I have a particular sense of humor. I'm amazed to find so many closed minded bias junkies on a site for agnostic and atheist freethinking humans. Take your gender bias informed hatred to a hate group, please. Thank you.

McVinegar 8 May 22

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Nice way to lay down tons of guilt on the audience. Typical motivational speaker trick. This has little to do with actual relationship coaching and more on establishing how the speaker is wittier then the audience. Seems affective with this audience.


Idk maybe men should stop dating self involved idiots.

@McVinegar thems the breaks


Watched the video. This isn't about men and women. It's about immaturity and being self-involved. Who in their right mind wants to be involved in a relationship where you're dealing with tedious gender-role garbage? I'd rather be with someone who thinks I'm competent and worthwhile and that's mutual.


It's a funny and accurate video. I think when women ask these questions it's because they have unrealistic expectations. On the other side of this arguement, women feel they can ask these questions and get an honest answer. Some women just can't handle the truth amd make a bigger deal than they have to. Also, women just want reassurance that you still want, love and appreciate them. Guys, give it to your women!

@McVinegar it's out there, keep searching.


I agree, there is no shortage of intolerant biased folks on this site, regardless of the fact there are supposed to be free-thinkers present on here.

Each of us think the same thing .


So funny and yet so true! Bitches be crazy.


What about men ?

They are too stupid to ask anything .

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