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Pledge of Allegience

Should school kids be asked (forced) to "Pledge Allegiance"? They don't know what they are saying, a child pledging allegiance to a gov't is meaningless. I feel it's more BS from our gov't and schools. I taught school 30 yrs. Peace.

Gary4234 5 Dec 17

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Not the current version.

At the minimum go back to the 1954 version. Get rid of the "under god" BS and it becomes less offensive. Still not a fan - although I (as a veteran) and teacher am tasked with the raising and lowering the flag / pledge part of the start and end of the week. I find under a tRump ruled plutocracy, the pledge is from the position of truth or honor, vacant.


We go to govt indoctrination centers from pre K- 12. At the end of nearly 14 years we can recite the pledge and god bless america; but know nothing about the constitutions, legal system & how the courts work, or how to make changes to the govt structure on any level.

Let that sink in.


I have always thought that "under God" should be replaced with "out of many" (in accordance with our motto: E Pluribus Unum) Do you have any other ideas for the amending of that phrase?

Kids shouldn’t pledge, its brainwashing


The Supreme Court has determined it is unconstitutional for anyone to be forced to say any pledge (under dog or not - I mark out this part of all my currency). Unfortunately, most do not know this including school administrators. When someone reports this to the Freedom From Religion Foundation the offending school receives an illuminating letter from the FFRF lawyers. The practice is always stopped at that school or district.

I urge everyone to become aware of these sites: [] and []


Agreed... I believe it is indoctrination and if you attempt to avoid this daily exercise you are ridiculed, shamed or worse.
... “with liberty and justice for all.” ... would be great if true... it’s not.
This is the thrust of NFL players kneeling during the national anthem to bring to America’s attention, the need for liberty and justice for all.
Nationalism isn’t patriotism.

Tomas Level 7 Dec 17, 2017

Under God. If its still in todays pledge-it should be taken out. I think I started saying it in first grade and we stopped by high school.


no, no one should be made to. its sais land of the free in the song.


"God save the queen" sounds much better to me (said the guy from the UK) ... 🙂

God save the queen lol it's just as bad and im English too. the royal family are the biggest parasites in our country and there is no god.


No, they shouldn't. I was called to the principle's office as I just stood to kind of blend in. I was told that not reciting the pledge is unpatriotic and unchristian and that I must participate. I later got suspended for my participation as I was re-writing the pledge more to my liking. Coincidentally, after my suspension, my teacher and principle had some time off and the pledge was no longer a part of our daily activities. My 4th grade protest led my school system to hold a grudge that a couple of my high school teachers informed me of as they were warned about my poor attitude and insubordination though both told me they found those warnings completely unrepresentative of my demeanor.

Sadly our public schools are rather lousy; I taught 30 yrs and recognize your story as too common. I hope you are well and happy today despite your school experience. Peace.


I believe you pledge allegiance to the flag and no to the government. In my way of thinking the flag of a nation -any- is way above its government. Now, if you tell me that "under God" should be removed from the POA....I agree.
NOTE: I never say "under God" when reciting the POA.

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of USA and to the republic for which it stands ..." I think the point is to get kids to think they are bound to do as gov't says.

Well, i don't see it that way.


I'm a K-12 school librarian. There is a period of time before first period for morning work and announcements. The high schoolers call it "homeroom," but the elementary kids don't. They listen to announcements, do "morning work," and say the pledge. All of us "specials" teachers have a class that we go to to help out at this time.

NY State Education law requires that we do it. I try to position myself a bit away from the kids so they don't notice that I don't say the "under god" part. But I think a few of them might suspect that I'm not saying it. I've seen them turn and try to discretely watch me at that part. I'm always behind them, so I notice if they're watching. I may fake a small cough, yawn, lick my lips like they're dry, mumble something, or just make my jaw move.

A couple of times, when a student was really close, I did say the words. Hopefully, rumor spread that I do indeed say it.

It shouldn't be a big deal, but they're third graders and it's not something I really want to get into with them.

All that being said, I'm not a fan of the pledge. I think true patriotism and love of country comes from knowledge and understanding. To me, the pledge just cheapens that. It's phony patriotism.

I was a HS teacher (NYC) until recently....and I never heard the POA being recited in the schools. Twety six years and no POA.
Now, when I recite the POA -regardless of who is listening- I never say "under God".


I think it is indoctrination to instill a sense of patriotism, without thinking about or considering if the country is actually moving in a positive direction that benefits society. It instill loyalty to one's country without regard to whether or not the country is engaged in a worthy or moral cause


As someone who is from England we don't have a pledge of allegiance. I think having kids of a young age make a pledge is a bit silly as they are a minor and can not be held accountable for that pledge under law. So in my view it's a bit of brainwashing by the state whether for good of Ill it's still indoctrination in a state view. Maybe I am misunderstanding it as I am note fully informed. If that is the case I am interested in learning more.

It is silly. It's phony patriotism and a relic of the cold war.


No one should be compelled to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Ever.
Especially since Congress added the "under god" part in 1954.


I believe (as the very former American Flag carrier in two color guards - I was the tall kid) that the ORIGINAL pledge is fine, as long as everyone in the school is taught that any objectors to the pledge are well within their rights as symbolized by that flag.


Classical indoctrination from the first word. You might find this article to be of some interest:


I just posted the link on my FB page. 🙂

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