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Is faith in anything ever good?

I define faith as the belief in something despite lack of evidence or evidence to the contrary.

paul1967 8 Dec 17

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I say faith is delusion on purpose.

I use almost the same verbiage but I call it self inflicted ignorance. Which is the same thing.


A lack of faith is a lack of trust, belief ,confidence, optimism or conviction.If we completely lacked faith ,nobody would trust anybody . For instance do you have faith in your child , Do you have faith in a person that you may hire .You should have stated ( is faith in religious belief or a god ever good ) This of course is entirely a different story .

I really didn't want to just talk about religion. I don't view those things you mentioned as acts of faith. I don't have kids but I wouldn't think I would need faith in my child, I would call that experience or trust. With people I don't know I have instinct and trust until they provide evidence that they're different than I assumed. I'm not saying you're wrong, we just might define Faith differently


That is the F-word I never use.

That is funny because it's true


Ok I have faith that my NE Patriots are going to win the ongoing game vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers despite the way Steelers defense keeps nailing Brady. Is it good? If you're a Patriots fan it is.

My faith worked. Going to win division!


I agree with Matt Dillahunty's definition. Faith is the excuse people give for believing something when they don't have a good reason. Because if someone has a good reason for believing something they never say it's based on faith, they just give their reasons.

One of the things I love about no longer believing in god is that I am no longer ashamed to say "I don't know". It feels good to embrace intellectual honesty.

I'm a big Dillahunty fan too. I can't wait for him to get back on the show.

Yeah I know. He's turning into such a superstar with all his events with Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, James Ramsey, etc. No time for the AXP fans anymore, lol.

Yes, and I like the people who host when he's not there as people but I get so bored listening to them say the same boring crap over and over.

Haha, Yea me to!


I have complete faith in science 😉

Yea me too, lol.

As long as your faith is in scientific METHOD, and not in any scientific THEORIES, that's ok.


Faith in oneself and loved ones.


It's never a good idea to accept something as true if you have no proof. I have faith society will never see that and continue to accept faith based votes the same as ones based on knowledge keeping itself stuck in the mud.


So I am a power-nerd and I do have faith in a few things- I believe in Science, and I think it will both save the world and make the Anthropocene era a million years (at least). I believe that the Arc of History is long, but it bends towards Justice. I think that while you can find many examples of humans being their worst, you can also find epic awesomeness in us. It is often harder to find than the suck, but that is just because we report the our horrid side more and awesome people being awesome rarely toot their own horn.


Yes, give me the evidence. If that "faith" is ever updated, revised or proven wrong; show me the new evidence. If I can't comprehend that I'll go with what my best logic deems more likely.

I can only "know" myself though...I have faith in my abilities and aspirations. I know also that this "faith" is useless if I don't take appropriate actions to improve and realize them.


I don't know about your definition of faith, but it is as good as anything, it has no inherent value, except the value you put into it. So if the value is good, there you go...if bad, there you go again. When I was training MMA people used Faith to push they're bodies when it was needed. Made me wish I had some Faith...hehe...instead I wanted a frickin' nap....haha


I think faith in society beign able to improve itself by having peopel work together to build a better society is worth while. Of course evidence shows that this actually works. It is when a "culture of greed" comes along where everyone stops working for the common good and people start to just look out only for themselves that a society, nation or empires goes into decline.


Faith in yourself, and your ability to fix whatever may not be working in your own life, are always good things.

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