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Is it bad that I pity religious people?

I’m sure they pity people like us, but I’m serious. It actually saddens me sometime to see people I love duped by religion and how they’re sure that there’s hope with nothing but false hope. I’ve had so many loved ones be so sure that they will see and meet Jesus, as well as other beliefs when they die. It’s just so sad, too.

EmeraldJewel 7 Dec 18

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Not at all. It is entirely natural to pity those so trapped in delusions.

More than pity them, I am wary of most. Even the most "harmless" are supporting social, political, educational, environmental,...policies very detrimental to us all, possibly unknowingly. The blind followers are possibly a majority but to be blind to what their leaders are doing is also dangerous.

A case in point is our now 15 year old war in the Middle East. Started as a retaliation for the 9/11 attack (and in the wrong countries for about the first decade), we know the war rages on to protect our interests in the area, particularly those of the oil barons who are intent on us destroying the environment with their products instead of using readily available and renewable clean energy.

For too many theists this is a holy war and, for this reason alone, support the war. Too many see it as a sign of their religions' "end times" when, after they (not god) destroy the world, they will be supernaturally whisked to their respective heavens.

In order to understand the war and world today, we must go back to WW 2, This movie might blow your view of the world clean away.... Here's a link: []

Excellent commentary and insight, sad to say 😟

@Zzantor I'm not sure when I'll have time for a movie but I know much of the story. The "occupation" of Palestinian territory by the jewish was an great affront to the muslims.

But their mutual hatred goes much further back. Jews financed the Crusades even if none ever played active parts. This religious "2 on 1" has been going on for a very long time.

@Varn Thanks! ...and, yeah. It may already be too but we must "act" as if it isn't.

@DangerDave well, just to quote a radio host, "you probably don't know a tenth of it" It is a long movie, but there's a lot to show... I would have never watched it either, but, it was made in 15 minute segments, so, it's digestible and complete every 15 minutes, just saying, cuz it rocked my world...


Kind of funny... I am not a pity kind of guy.

Lol I guess I used the wrong word. When you try to point out reason, they shook it down with more stupidity so maybe I don’t pity them.


They definitely pity you being atheist, so you're even. 😉

godef Level 7 Dec 18, 2017

I feel pity for the faithful until their faith starts f$%king up our world.


I often pity them too. Especially those who cannot think past their dogma and the lies their clergy tell them


Some of my Christian friends don't understand how I can want to spend three hours every Sunday morning watching professional football. They pity that I'm "wasting" my morning, although I think it's a very entertaining pastime.

I pity that they're stuck in church wearing uncomfortable clothing and sitting on an uncomfortable pew listening to a boring pastor give a boring sermon while I'm kickin' it with a beer in an oversized jersey, with my atheist butt comfortably nestled in my own comfortable couch.

Neither of us have particularly deep levels of pity for one another about this.


I feel sorry for my old self. I gave up everything for Jesus. I went to church twice on Sundays, Wednesday and Friday night bible study and Saturday morning outreach and concert that evening. I was celibate for almost 12 years, and no boyfriend. I didn't own a tv until this year actually. I bought it for my 38 birthday. I left mainstream Christianity at 33. I was always waiting for jesus to return. I had a low paying job but tithed faithfully while needing family to buy me groceries. The funny thing was that I felt sorry for non-believers lol.


It saddens me to see how religious people place themselves into these rigid boxes, which are uncomfortable to live in, and think they are happier than they would be if they just set themselves free from religion.


It’s not bad. I just really don’t care what everybody else thinks. If they choose to be self-deluded, then ok. Go ahead and believe in elves, trolls and forest sprites, just don’t give me a hard time when I choose to think about things rationally. That’s where the real problem lies.


Sad I feel this way as well. Sometimes I think angry spirits devoted their whole lives to false gods and now in their afterlife they are miserable but thats my own personal thought. I believe in ghosts/spirits just not an actual heaven or hell.

Huh? If you believe in ghosts and spirits, then you are no different than someone who believes in god. Atheism is not limited to religion. We demand evidence; we are critical thinkers and deny the paranormal (well, most of us do, don't we?). There is no evidence of god's existence nor of ghosts and spirits. It is not rational to deny god but accept ghosts.


@LIB75002 think cool lol

@LIB75002 I don't think it is bizarre to think there are different realms of life. We live in a physical realm here on Earth and nobody knows 100% what happens after we die I don't believe in a heaven or hell. Im not an atheist that has to deny everything. I like to think that If I stayed in college my life would be different and in another realm my college self probably is living a more successful life. Watch Donnie Darko and Rick and Morty isnt this a place for "Free Thinkers" ? So let me think and stop being boring lol

I guess I did come down a bit hard on you. I apologize for that. I love Donnie Darko; never heard of Rock and Morty until I just googled them. If you think these are the best sources to seek the truth, you are certainly free to do so. If you are still a college student, you will encounter so many theories and "isms," your head will spin. Sometimes, I wish I could go back......


I think that you need to get a new hobby, pity, saddens, false, sad. Go pick some flowers

it’s pretty much gone now. People are going to be who they are, regardless, but when it’s people you love is different when they diaown you over it.

@EmeraldJewel 'Disown'? Did someone in your family disown you or are you talking about your ex?

I pity the ones that are in cults. I left a lot of them behind and they are still living in fear. There are some who lost everything for their belief. Also children in fringe religions don't have a choice.


You know Emerald, I got a brother in law that was gay but gone celebrate when he found this christian church he attends. He gives more than his 10% and by doing that ---- he has a junk car that doesn't work. No money. He's content. He walks. Takes a train to our house. He's happy. I feel for him... he's in la la land but he doesn't care.

I remember that! I gave 20 most of the time. I too had junk cars that left me stranded. I was always broke. But happy no, I had to pretend to prove to everyone that jesus was awesome. It was an unwritten rule not to talk to non members about how miserable we all were.


I do not think pity is the emotion. You are not going to change the thought manipulation someone had decided to accept as their point of view. Nor are they going to change yours. A health debate with the opposers can only improve your understanding of what got them to decide on the principles that they have chosen.


I don’t Pity, I make my peace politely, if they don’t understand, I let them be. Pity becomes a trap for emotions, and the religious feed on emotions to falsely convince them selves of what they believe.


I feel the same way.


I don't think it's bad to feel bad for people you care about. You can't fix them. Only they can do that. Besides, they probably don't know they're pitiable.

SamL Level 7 Dec 18, 2017

Not bad.


There actually are a few people who live their faith. Very few. Do you feel sorry for Jimmy Carter? Even Bill Maher respects him and once said that if you have to be a Christian, Carter's the real thing? (I'm paraphrasing).

Why would you pity the religious? Actually, on occasion, I am jealous of them because they truly believe they will live an eternal life. I'm terrified of dying (as most people are - that is one reason we have religion). They are usually pretty happy, too. I'm not. [I think the only truly happy people are born-agains and the mentally ill. And there's a very fine line there.] I think "content" is the highest that atheists and intellectuals can achieve.

I think you and others (and me, too), when we think of believers (certainly in the US), assume fundamentalism. You have to be aware that there are many decent, brilliant people who are theists. And I'm pretty sure they wouldn't presume to pity you and your beliefs.

What have you accomplished that makes you superior to theists? Because simply BEING an atheist isn't enough.

We had to put on a front with non-believers to try to convert them. I was not allowed to discuss my problems with religion or my faith. If you would have walked in my church you would have thought we won the lottery. We were still very afraid of death because you were always sinning somehow. Or not trusting enough, or being told you didn't have enough faith, not sacrificing enough,or witnessing enough. Being afraid of becoming lukewarm or backslidden one day. Also Satan trying to tempt you or the world. I don't think that goes for moderates though. But Why else would they pray over diseases, cancers, tornadoes and car accidents?


Unfortunately, I think we are all duped by something at some time. Many of us once were duped into religious beliefs. Do we pity our former selves? I see myself during that time as simply, un-evolved. As I age and grow and am active (like in groups as this) I become more evolved.

My daughter is religious but I don't pity her. She has learned to chill about religion when with me but I see a lot of her church activities on her facebook. Most of the time the thing to do is simply agree to disagree. If there is no strong arm coercion involved we can do little. To me a lot of what these people say they believe is actually what they "want" to believe. I think especially during times as these we all want to believe something that will give us a sense of security, stability and peace.


It’s likely human nature to pity the less fortunate. To find that ‘they pity us’ is sad and bazar. “I’ll pray for you” … right.. Those deluding themselves with religion are not quite right. They’re hiding from reality, or worse, attempting to reset its boundaries.

I’ve a little saying … ‘Show me someone a little bit religious, and I’ll show you someone a little bit messed up’ -- ‘Show me someone who’s very religious - and I’ll show you someone who’s very messed up!’ Seems to play out, and if I detect a goodness within them, I feel sorry for the fact all humanity is losing out on their potential ...trapped within its religious confines...

Varn Level 8 Dec 18, 2017

It is sad, these death worshipers that don't even know that they worship death... It's like watching children playing some make-believe game, but, they're adults. This is part of what some people mean when they say "we" are asleep. I say we, because, I had thought that I woke up, till I woke up, then, Wow! I woke up some more... on and on it goes by degrees...



Depends which ones...


Is your call and yours alone.

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