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Get a head examination


Turn about is fair play; I will curse the Christians, their children and grandchildren...if God curses me and mine. Trump $#!+ is closer to the anti-Christ than he is to God.


Oh just fuck off.


If someone were to say that headline to me, I'd just start laughing at them.


He cannot get any worse than trumpie


Well geez...that sounds like the use of magick. Those aren’t Xtians, they’re witches!


Ever notice how bible thumpers worship death?


I used to keep a count of loud-mouth preachers who said this or that was a punishment or curse from god. I lost track, but IIRC the evangelical/fly-over/red states fared much worse over the past 40 years than the blue states. Cedar Rapids, New Orleans, Tornado Alley, etc.

@MARDUK Just curious... Why is your handle the name of a god?


Right. Well that’s an unsubstantiated threat..

Varn Level 8 May 26, 2018
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