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Atheist cities and towns

Do you live in a place where you are not constantly bombarded with religious ideas and symbols everywhere you go? (Ex:billboards for abortion, huge megachurches, religious people spewing rhetoric in the streets or on the subway)

If you live in a place that is free of these things please tell where it is and why it is so special. Pleeeasee.

Bobthegirl 4 May 26

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I am from Sidney BC Canada, we don't see any religious stuff here anywhere. it's not in schools, not in workplaces, not really anywhere. I really couldn't live in a place where religion was everywhere, or I would really have a huge problem, I would be that one person who would cause a damn scene, and I would not care who had an issue with it !


According to polls more than half of England is godless Brighton and Hove is the most godless city.

@Palacinky - me too-


SOME unitarian universalist congregations are run with respectful Atheists sharing duties inside. ...others are pushing agnosticism or "religious humanism" uncritical of violent faiths. ...both child and adult "education" classes survey all world creeds while requiring NO SINGLE CREED


Try Buffalo ? ... It's not that Buffalo is an atheist city, but religion is not shoved in your face here ... religious demonstrations are very rare, as well as religious billboards .. We do have some nuts, I remember taking a friend to Planned Parenthood and there were some protesters outside but there were maybe seven total .. It's definitely not prevalent here ... Buffalo is incredibly diverse, we have a big LBTGQ community, lots of refugees/immigrants of all nationalities as well as big communities of Hispanics, African Americans, Polish, Irish, Italians and others .. I think the reason it's not a huge issue here, is that there are too many religions or different ways of thinking for one to have a louder voice than others .. This applies only to the city, some suburbs will be a bit more obvious as well as some of the country communities

Buffalo NY?

@Bobthegirl yes, sorry , I forget that there are other places named Buffalo ?

Yes Buffalo is ground zero for Humanist Atheist Feminist action. ...abortion clinics have Yellow LINES on sidewalks where tampon terrorists all will be instantly arrested crossing to terrorize women and Healthcare workers walking inside

@GreenAtheist I don't understand your comment .. what are you talking about? are you trying to be sarcastic?


I used to work in midtown Manhattan, and the Israelites would preach on corners over there. usually condemning white people. Where I live, there are some churches and a synagogue.


In the UK it all seems a bit more...........sensible? There's plenty of people that go to church and plenty that don't and nobody is bothered by the other. In some respects we should be more religious as the Queen, head of state, is also head of the Church of England, but nobody is trying to impose anything on anybody. It's all kept fairly private really.

Being on this site I've got an appreciation of what life can be like for an atheist in some parts of America. It really seems amazing that a country so welcoming of outsiders (at least historically) can be so unwelcoming of their own.

@Crimson67 Like your profile pic btw, you may encourage some of the flakier members of the site though....nothing you can't handle I don't suppose 🙂

@Crimson67 It would appear that whole games of the whole season are available including yesterdays at Cincinnati. That will keep me busy 🙂


Europe is less crazy.


I suppose it depends where in Europe.. I agree. There are some dodgy parts.


Not too bad in the Twin Cities but still it's 'murica.


I think most major US cities are not bombarded with religious garbage.


I live in England. The nutters know we know who they are and they mostly keep quiet about it.

I'm a Canadian but from British Parents from Scotland and ya, you are right , religious nuts are few and far between, we dont' see them, and thats perfect LOL


COS, DFW, and a small New Mexico town that has religious, anti-abortion, you are going to hell billboards on the entrance to town? Not even close.

Even the heathen town of Portland Oregon has more churches than one realises.

Not sure there are any truly atheist town anywhere in the US

Ozman Level 7 May 26, 2018

@Palacinky Many of the PDX churches are socially progressive. Then you have Holy Rosary and The Grotto.


Being that I live in a place called Church Hill, and those are the only two things we have more than one of, I’m gonna have to say no. People mostly leave ya alone out in the country though so except for the church sign every mile I don’t have much trouble avoiding it. People don’t take many occasions to prostletyze in a community that’s this religious by default, so it’s just assumed that everyone’s heard the good news and I have, thanks for not asking.

Now for a more useful answer: if I wanted to move somewhere in my surrounding area that was the least religious as possible I’d love to live in Asheville, NC. It’s a major hippy town hidden in the woods of western NC. Great community for artists n musicians, freaks hippies wiccans skeptics and general bohemian type mountain folk way outnumber the traditionally religious there. Sounds like the kinda place you’re lookin for.

Possibly one of the biggest surprises was how "balanced" Salt Lake City was. I expected this Mormon enclave. But Mormons make up about 50% of the population. There is actually a pretty diverse population there. Pity the government is so bloody religious.

There are probably more Mormons in Idaho and Nevada than in SLC now

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