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What about religious fence sitters?

I'm seeing a lot more of this fence sitting behavior with people I interact with. They aren't really following religion, but will profess to believe in God.

For example, my mother will say to me, "I'm too old to not believe." It kind of feels like she is hedging her bets just in case there is something after death. Mind you my mom no longer goes to church, but will still post quasi religious/new age things on FB, or talk about angels guiding her in times of need. Be kind, she is still my mom.

I'm not trying to de-convert her, but I'll answer questions when asked.

What do you think? Are you seeing this in your own experience with others as well?

SteveB 7 Dec 19

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Yes. I have managers that believe in god, but think the bible is BS. They don't go to church either.


I just wonder if they believe in their religion's indoctrinated "god" or not. Likewise, I'd wonder if they even care. There are a lot of variations of riding the fence!

I see that as hope for the continued decline of the insanity of xianity worldwide. Even though islam is on the rise I'm sure a growing number are climbing on the fence too...for their very survival!


I have been seeing this more and more. I feel like it's got to do with how fundamentalism is hard to achieve with science showing us the age of the earth, evolution and overall absurdity of superstitions. There's still the beliefs people were brought up with just more and more evidence against most of them. It's hard for people to change their minds after believing something for so long.


I don't think believing in a god and following a religion are necessarily linked


It's called being a cultural Christian. You don't have to deal with the stigma or consequences of jumping over the fence of unbelief. You don't deal with cognitive dissonance. You get the benefits of community and resources. Studies show that this is actually the best course of action for survival's sake. Your mama's no dummy. 😉

@SteveB You'd have plenty of company if you did. 😀


All the time! your average christian can't walk the walk and talk the talk. i am also certain that agnostics can fall short on no ones perfect!


Oh yeah... in my country all say they catholic, less than 30% goes to church or follow the commandments ....but when I openly say I am an Agnostic they say to me: oh please do not say that I am going to pray for you...meanwhile they drink like a fish...cheat on spouse ...married with a gay lover on the side, but me oh I am a lost cause they all praying for my soul..


"Religious Fence-Sitters" are what could more commonly referred to being "Hedge-Bettors" i.e. they are betting on BOTH sides of the debate on the off-chance that one side may be correct ergo they can't lose either way.


My Jewish mother is probably a fence sitter. She used to make a big deal how we celebrated Channukah and not Christmas. During Sunday'sphone conversation we discussed my x-mas tree and aetheism briefly. So I asked her what she was doing for Channukah and she said nothing. Its just me. I don't light the menorah anymore-its too much trouble.


As long as they don't bother you about your beliefs, " let em be, let em be..."

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