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President's Job Approval Rating

Today the president received a 59% job disapproval (that is from one source). I was wondering what his approval rating would be amongst this community of people. I do have concerns that this might be an inappropriate venue for this question.

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rpmazzella 5 Dec 19

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I wanted somebody to shake up Washington after 8 years of that idiot Obama and so far he’s doing a hell of a Job!


Living in Australia I was shocked when Trump was elected but now I am not shocked by anything he does or says. Disgusted yes. Shocked no. I can not think of one thing that he has done or said that I can agree with and that is rare

Dale Level 4 Dec 27, 2017

I am surprised that anyone would be undecided let alone approve of the evil turd.


I see this vote is going more-or-less where I would expect it to go.


Trump is, most of the time, an absolute disaster. He's a science denier, he's a shameless liar and hypocrite, he has no tact or diplomatic skill whatsoever, and he's brought the USA to its lowest point since the recession - despite the fact that the Dow Jones continues to grow, which is independent of his administration. He has, however, said one thing with which I very much agree; the USA needs an infrastructure overhaul. I'm just worried about where he's going to get the money to fund it.


I think pulling out of the paris agreement made America look like a bunch of children who can't be expected to honor anything we sign because in 4-8 years we'll just change our mind on it anyway. Can I get an amen!

...Oh ya and climate change


For me being an atheist is something that requires contemplation. Even though we are all born with a “Blank Slate”, many of us are indoctrinated into some sort of religious belief system. To escape from which ever system we inherit, requires us to think, as opposed to having faith.
Based on this survey so far, not only do we think but we know what is morally correct without the need for a religion’s morality to guide us.


This is one of the best polls. It has Trump at 43%


BD66 Level 7 Dec 19, 2017

Thank you that was great info.

Way higher than I would have thought.


as much as i love him for exposing all that is wrong with an uneducated electorate [ democracy] His admin is definitely calling some bad tunes


It's a shut out!

godef Level 7 Dec 19, 2017

Polls only sample registered voters. Registered voters represent a statistically more conservative demographic of American society. So, tRUMPy's approval ratings are actually likely much lower than numbers reported in the polls.


The results here are no surprise.


He's the embodiment of the ghouls that John Carpenter depicted in his film "They Live."


The majority of us do not like tRUMP-Impeachment can't be soon enough for me.


I see another consensus building here.


I think President Putin is doing a Fabulous Job.....Keep up the good work Vald!



45 sucks. Knew that going in.

Yep, I disapproved of him long before he descended on the escalator to announce his candidacy by spewing his racist bile. It's still stunning to me how many so-called Christians think he's god's chosen one.

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