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Who knows where the strategic defence devices went

Star wars was a hot topic. Then just like a rockstar the concept just faded away. Is it up orbiting the earth? Is it functioning can it fry a gnat on a fence post?

azzow2 9 Dec 19

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I think I have a few laying around here somewhere...

The best missile defense we have now may be the patriot missile, which we sell to our allies. I'm not sure how they'll do against missiles with nuclear warheads...not that I want to find out.


I think the ideal was more along the lines of using missiles to take down missiles, the last article I remember seeing was saying out of 300 attempts they took down 3 ICBM's.


The cost was too high and the technology did not exist to build it. Some improvement in missile guidance came out of the research and other technologies resulted from that research. A few like GPS and some others are still classified.


I don't know...


I'm pretty sure they figured out that it wasn't scientifically feasible. At the time, anyway. I'm not sure if you could do it now.

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