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LINK Boy and his dog

The cute hurts with this one

btroje 9 May 28

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Ok I can't help it, I have to tell you about my dog Thor. He is very strong and his favorite game that he likes to play is I have this big stick, now take it away from me. Sometimes I will play his game, but I have to stop because he can be very rough with me, and I can only handle so much of that. My daughter has been taking care of three foster kids ages 5,6 and 8 Two grils and one boy, She has had them for about a year and half. They were all out at the farm yesterday and Thor never left their side, They would throw sticks in the pond and he would jump in and get them and also just drop the sticks by the kids and do over and over never once played his rough game with those kids. I was so proud of how he can be so gentle with kids and do whatever they want. I'm telling you I have to fight like hell to get that stick away from him.
Your video just reminded me, I love seeing kids playing with their dogs.

yes and you can see the patience and cooperativity working in the pup on the video.I love dogs

Your story made me laugh. Dogs + kids.


Way cute!! It will be a while before my grandson is doing that, if he ever gets to be around that much dirt.

dirt builds the immune system

@btroje Fer sure. My kids grew up playing in woods bringing home frogs. We moved many times, their favorite home was near Everett, WA. There were paths though the woods before the bulldozers came in. And then we moved.


I've seen this before and I still think he's going to hit the dog by accident.

I think this dog is smarter than that

@btroje Dogs might be, but kids?


That is cute!


Great video! Family?

no just a clip I saw.

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