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What is your definition of intelligence?

What is your definition of intelligence in a person?What do you base it on? ~ I think someone who questions everything, as well as adaptation to new information is a good example of intelligence. It’s not always just book knowledge or high IQ.

BohoHeathen 8 May 29

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There are different kinds of intelligence. You can be very book smart, but have no common sense, or have great common sense and instincts, but be terrible in school. There is no single definition for intelligence.

Agreed. Intelligence is in the eyes of the beholder. Each person has a different "standard" they apply to the word and there are many areas where one can display "intelligence" in one area, but be a total idiot in another area (aka - common sense).

Good answer!


I define intelligence as being knowledgeable and as being able to utilize that knowledge to discover new information.

Mea Level 7 May 29, 2018

I agree that it's not just genetics and our ability to learn from life experience or what we read in books. But why are you even asking this question? (wink-wink)


The ability to interpret anything thoroughly and share with others in a comprehensive and simple way what you know.


Book knowledge and memorization, logic and intuition, common sense, emotional intelligence and the ability to transfer learning from one discipline to another. Too many ways to list... The one that is really shiny to my eyes would have to be emotional intelligence. In a world full of people, it seems like the most useful of them all.


I do feel that Darwins definition is one that I can relate to. As we progress through life, the ability to change and adapt is certainly a skill that is needed. Is a skill a sign of intelligence?



Intelligence is not a single level on an imaginary scale. A person can be intelligent in one arena but not in another. There are more areas to study than we have classes for, and a person can be intelligent in any, many, most, a few, or technically none.

The most intelligent people I know want to be around people more intelligent, and focus more on what they don't know than what they do.


I firmly believe there are different types of intelligence.


If you can sit in a pub and talk shit all night without getting offended ,even if we disagree then that's about right


I think it depends on the person...there are so many levels to intellectual ability. I have met people that struggle to read and write, but in other ways are amazingly intellegent and I have meet people that are mensa smart and have no clue about the world they live in. I do feel that everyone is intellegent in their own way. I also think that is a tough question to answer.


I find myself applauding all original thoughts form a person, regardless of if i happen to agree or not. to run across someone who can articulate ANY view and illustrate what lead them to their belief (instead of regurgitating what they've been spoon fed)- is exciting. if for no other reason than they have the basic building blocks for progression.


Someone who can live with their past; can be present in the moment and has considered their effect on the future. Someone who can be kind regardless of disagreement; strong when they need to stand up for a cause; and able to adapt to new situations and information.


The ability to be able to select, retain, cross reference and apply accurate knowledge in a practical and useful manner, thus generating more accurate and useful knowledge whilst garnering tangible results.


Being flexible to adapt to everyday challenges is my definition of intelligence


Intelligence is the ability to use knowledge in your field to produce a "positive" result. A musician is someone whose knowledge is of playing notes and learning the combinations to make a song. Some may only see this as artistic ability but it is just another form of intelligence. Truly successful musicians have the intelligence to arrange them, remember many, and perform them all well. Weird All is a great example as far as musicians, Robin Williams comedian, Neil deGrasse Tyson astrophysics.


Opposite of Trump 😉


I would define intelligence as sense of curiosity driven by questions with results of many different answers.


Intelligence defined in my opinion is the ability to unbiasedly taken data, assess that data and draw logical defendable conclusions based on the evidence.


I think it's how you utilize what you know, your ability to learn new things, and yes, questioning everything. Being passionately curious. Socrates once said the wise man admits he knows nothing and I truly believe he was 100% spot on.

IQ doesn't mean shit, lol. That's not sour grapes talking, either.


I love challenges.


I feel that we are all individuals and we can all be intelligent in our own way. The trick is finding out what that is. In this ego, media driven, capitalist system, built on religious caste principals it is difficult for any being to ever discover what their particular intelligence is?


Learning from reading what others have discovered has never been a sign of intelligence, just a good memory.


I define intelligence as the ability of the brain to exhibit the different higher brain functions like learning, solving problems, conception, etc. It's broken down into working memory, arousal modulation and focus.

This manifests itself in having more grey matter and organic quality in the brain. When the brain grows more intelligent, neurons become less like wires with black dots in them, and more like heavily sub-divided spider-webs, and there are about five stages of neuronal development.

When I meet a person, I sometimes assess their intelligence through impressions, without bothering to learn any objective data about the person, which relates to their intelligence level.

Now, how do you identify an intelligent person in a practical way?

On the external, when people are more intelligent, they exhibit more fine muscle control, less externalized behavior, have very active and vigorous eye movement, are precise, produce work of very meticulous quality, and some other traits.

The more intelligent people are always learning, meditating, solving problems, visualizing, etc. They are intensely cerebral. They can have a wasted, neotenous physique, but a very large brain case for their body, or simply a very large brain case overall, however this is a heuristic, plenty of people with higher intelligence are normal looking, however these people almost ALWAYS have an accelerated metabolism, and thus need to eat small-energy packed meals every 2-4 hours.

Sometimes, earning a living is hard for this reason, and/or organic quality in the brain drops due to self-neglect, and they turn to crime. Some may also be labelled with a psychosocial or developmental disorder because they tend to eschew social norms in favor of a mentally determined life, rather than a socially determined life.

These people can be found in universities, book stores, and libraries and are always immersed in their own cerebral activity, in their own internal world, in their own abstract thinking. They tend to work as college professors, scientists, mathematicians, engineers, artists, etc. and excel in academical spheres.

Using heavy machinery at work gets them upset because their nerves are more acute and the excessive sound and force of the machines make them deranged.

They often do not eat very much, do not say anything in public, etc. They are basically just a brain. The stomach has no say. The glands have no say. The muscles have no say, none of it. It's all the brain at the helm.


Intelligence is not asking people to define it. That is what a dictionary is for.

@BohoHeathen Ok. Intelligence is the ability to figure out answers to problems without a manual.

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