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What do you think of people that think all you need is the Bible?

I’ve actually met people who told me all I need is the Bible for knowledge. Everything you need is in that bible. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to be stuck on stupid because everything you need to know in life and about learning isn’t in that one bible. I think a lot of religious people feel threatened by modern books. I could be wrong, though.

EmeraldJewel 7 Dec 20

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What do I think of people that think all I need is the Bible?

Hmm, I don't think much of them at all.


Next time someone says "all you need is the bible"

Respond with the following:
"Prove it. Take off your clothes, leave your phone, money, shoes, water, food and all other luxuries. Walk out into the nearest forest and take only your bible. If what you say is true then prove it. Stay in the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights. Return to me once you have done so. Show me how committed God is to humanity".

They gave up and said god told them it was ok. #lifehacks

At least it's a good example of a time when a christian says "What would Jesus do?"

Lol I will do that.


I think they are repeating what they heard in the pulpit and haven't studied the bible for themselves.


They can stay in their never neverland. Keep it to themselves.


I would ask them to explain how their book would allow us to continue searching for a cure for Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Heart Disease, etc. Can their book provide any of the advancements that modern civilization is built upon? If they say yes, like Ken Ham asserts, get them to show you the passage that details particle physics or the modern transistor.

I would also recommend quoting their book back to them.
Start with some of these
or these

Ask them how these verses fit with any rational view of the modern world, and would they really like us to regress to the Bronze Age world where those verses were written? Or maybe they would prefer we regress to the Dark Ages when the Christian Church had free rein in Europe?

Great valid point!


Because thats all they use when they ignore you.



I think they're delusional and mentally unbalanced.
That's extremely narrow-minded thinking.

Mentally unbalanced, no. Delusional, yes. Religious indoctrination is hard to break out of depending on the severity. I'm the only atheist in my family, and I have a big family and many of them are very successful people. I don't understand why they're so stuck in their ways of thinking but they're not mentally unbalanced.

@Lucas20520 If someone thinks that all they need is the bible for knowledge, I think that counts as mentally unbalanced.
It certainly isn't a balanced way of thinking.

Well, with her post she did use "all" and "everything" so then OK. I try to give Christians alittle more credit than to think they actually mean "all" and "everything" instead of just regurgitating what they've heard over and over. If you want to take it literally then OK, mentally unbalanced is fitting.

But say we left some wiggle room for hyperbole, still disagree with my comment?

@Lucas20520 There are certain sects of Christianity that take the bible very literally, Westboro Baptist Church for instance, but they're not all like that so I'll give you that.


They are probably very simple minded.


stop breathing and it will become obvious very quickly that is not the case.


You would think that if they really believed that, they would read it. Try quoting Isaiah 45:7, and watch their eyes loose focus. They don't worship God, they worship the Bible. They view it as something to worship, not something to read. (as in cover to cover with an open mind)

That verse always baffled the hell out of me! That little bastard was cocky enough to freely admit to creating all these horrible things.

Exactly my impression. They idolize the actual book, and are breaking one of the ten commandments in doing so, the second I think. They turn the book into a graven image, and commit idolatry.


Personally, I try very hard NOT to think about them BUT when I do I fear for the future of Humanity since these are also the people who will be breeding some of the peoples of tomorrow.


You should never read one book on a subject because books are written by different human beings. Different human beings interpret things differently so to get a good perspective always read more than one book. The same is true about the Bible it probably has mistakes in it to,, I'm sure.

dc65 Level 7 Dec 20, 2017

They better Not ask me to Loan them Money.

Lol that’s funny!


You're not wrong. They've never read the Bible without study guides or preachers just telling them what to read. Or they have been so thoroughly indoctrinated and they are so stubborn in their views that they can't read between the lines. Or a mixture of both - which is the case with my family. It's sad but those people are often too far gone to make a difference in conversation.


I think the Bible would only be necessary if a) I was on a desert island with no food and b) It was made from beef 😉



Whomever told you this likely hasn't ever read a book, or any book, including the bible.


If they insist that everything a person needs to know is in the bible, then they probably are frightened by not just books but knowledge in general. If a person can rely on one source of knowledge then anything outside that narrow scope is wrong. It's comfortable to be sure you are always right, it's safe and the only things that can hurt you are evil.

Living in reality is not always comfortable, it's not safe and is down right scary. How a person copes with that fear, is a true measure of who they are.The best way to combat fear of the unknown is to know as much as possible Depending on a single source of knowledge whether it's the bible or Origin of the Species can really narrow your scope of knowledge.


Those that believe in only dogma are ignorant sheep and possibly dangerous as well.


I could explain and point out the things that have been proven wrong. Or I could show all the contradictions in the bible. But they have books and websites devoted to that subject. People choose to be ignorant and believe on faith and nothing you say will change their opinions.


I think hunk they need to forgo getting medical treatment.


They are so full of themselves.


It's an interesting read, I'll give it that, But this kind of person could benefit from an encyclopedia to read.

Dav87 Level 6 Dec 20, 2017

I think they're woefully uneducated and closed-minded.


To be completely honest when answering the question I would need to use several expletives


Um... my sister never told me that. But she knows I can grow larger like a cat in a fight and my eyesight can be fixed in the back of her head while I display this insane laugh before I request to repeat last thing she said.


I find these people scary, mainly because they're allowed to vote.

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